Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Aka Haru, my Gal idol

Aka Haru is my Gal idol. There's something so cute about her ^^

Many large pics, so I'm placing a Blogger Jump here~

I first noticed Aka Haru because she is Buzz Spunky's current female model, and I loved her make up and hair style a lot. So since then I found her Ameblo blog too. It's kinda hard to read since she uses a lot of Gal slang! She's a fan of One Piece too :)

Her usual make up style is very cute. She usually uses golden coloured circle lenses and Dolly Wink lashes (not sure which number since I lost the link to her modelling for Dolly Wink) and pale lilac blush and lipstick. Not much change from day to day!

And I must warn you, her favourite camwhore expression is Tsubasa-style duckface!

This photo I think was from some kind of Gal trip/modelling shoot.

Catalog photo from Buzz Spunky :)

And a few 'behind the scenes'


She rocks short nails!

Her signature~

She often visits AnkhCross hair salon, and has done modelling work for them too. She's holding 'Aroma' shampoo. It sounds so nice, I might go to AnkhCross Shibuya to buy some~

The salon's mascot dog! I think he is called ライム, 'Lime'.

Modelling for Ankh Cross, in a wedding dress for some reason! I think she looks totally uncomfortable in it!!

I'll finish this post with the power of Gal make up. Makeup-less Akaharu is only recognisable by her nails!


  1. Wow I think I may have a new gal idol!! And she even looks very cute without makeup. Surprisingly.

  2. I never found out her name until now, but I always see her in the magazines! She's soooooo cute, I love her! Of course my favorite gyaru is the amazingly gorgeous Sakurai Rina <3