Friday, 15 October 2010

Birthday gets, Japan preparations, and decorating

Lots of pictures under jump:

It was my birthday a little while ago, and I got some really nice presents! Most of my family gave me Yen. My Favourite Couple gave me DragonQuest for DS. I might do a review of it later ^^

My mum gave me this fur vest with giant hood and pink knitted top. She knows my taste too well :P

From Mark I got an HTC Wildfire! That's Akaharu on my wallpaper ^^

He also gave me some chocolates, a rolling pin and a spatula, I don't really know why! And recently, he drew on this hoodie for me. It's Clefairy :3

We're going to Japan on Wednesday, so I'm trying to get prepared. I've decided I don't want to show my tattoo, so I needed more t-shirts that would cover my shoulder. Most womens t-shirts nowadays seem to have cap sleeves, which I find really unflattering, and would show my tattoo as well.

So the solution was Primark's boyswear section! Age 11-12 is plenty big enough.
And I found a cheap but cute Disney tee in TK Maxx :3

I still need to get a cheap MP3 player for the flight and a reasonably non-ugly backpack for trekking about. I'm bringing my Shinydoll Suzune with me so I need a big bag.  I bought some (probably fake) Rilakkuma headphones for the flight. Cheap and light!

Anyway, we are working on the house at the moment, The bathroom is hideous and really needs to be redone. We managed to get a really cheap quote at Wickes so we're going to secure it today hopefully.

The kitchen is nearly finished! The theme is mint ice cream. Mark keeps his guitar in the kitchen since it's a good place to sit and put tabs in front of him. The clock was a gift from my mum, and the place mats are from my Aunt. The candle in the foreground is cookie-scented. The holographic posters are very sentimental, Mark's great uncle in Malaysia gave them to us just a few months before he passed away. I was looking forward to sending pictures of them hung up, I feel quite sad about that.

A card holder and butterfly from my mum. And engagement congratulations cards :3

Souvenir from Tokyo two years ago; Moss Burger menu! People keep thinking we stole it, but it's just paper and they give them out >_<

And since I'm talking about the kitchen, this is what I make when I can't be bothered to cook but don't want to get takeaway; Katsu kare. Curry roux from Chinese supermarket, breaded chicken from Tesco, sliced proccessed cheese, Thai rice from Thai supermarket (closest thing I can get to Japanese rice) and a few veg. It's super tasty :3


  1. Your Rilakkuma headphones are adorable!

  2. I didnt relise you were going so soon! Hope you have a blast :D

    Love your decorating and icecream place mats :)

    ..Now I want kare! D:

  3. LOL at the burger menu. Why would anyone think you stole a paper menu? XD
    The Clefary sweater is so adorable! I love handmade gifts, even though I've never been given one lol <3

    Make sure you do a sh*t ton of shopping in Japan! Also take LOTS of pictures for us! I hope you run into some Gyaru on your trip *cough*pictures*cough* ;DD

    I need to learn how to cook. I'm just like my dad and step mom... he does the cooking and she cleans the dishes. I always thought that was so weird! ^^; You should post a recipe for that katsu kare, my boyfriend would drool over that XD
    And I'm so jealous you have a Thai supermarket nearby. Do they sell thai tea of some sort?

    OMG, I'm SO happy I'm not the only one who thinks that way of Sally's staff! I don't get it... you work in a beauty store, not a freaking makeup studio, get over yourselves! hahaha I will definitely post about the kit when I get it tomorrow! I'm super excited :D