Monday, 11 October 2010

Gal magazine styles from 1999-2010

Ok, so I broke my own rule and made a post on magazine scans but I hope it's a fun one anyway!

Thanks to and for the back issues!

Egg November 1999
First thing I notice is that it's a November issue and contains mostly sunny summer style. Gonguro Gals must have been cold! The make up is really messy since it hasn't been photoshopped. The make up is really basic and unattractive at this point and hair is a bleached mess!

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Egg July 2004
Ka-tan is the cover girl and all the references are now to Manba, not Gonguro. Now the make up is more complex and blended and the hair is well teased. Alba Rosa is the brand of choice and false flowers are the accessories.

Popteen September 2005
While Egg covers the wild side of Gal, Popteen covers the casual pretty side. This is still true five years later. There's a definite Popteen feeling to this issue, but there are plenty of short tops with bootleg/flare jeans to remind us that this was 5 years ago! The make up looks really plain by today's standards and the hair is quite flat. I'm a fan of revisiting old-school Manba but I'm really not a fan of revisiting this!

Egg June 2006
Manba is already gone and it's given way to a casual, tanned style. The make up is still bold but pretty. The fashion is still bright and attention-grabbing.

Popteen May 2007
This issue has a feature of Hime-Gyaru, a style very rarely seen represented in this year's magazines, and never in this much detail. Tsubasa is everywhere in this issue, and will be for dozens more to come. The make up is looking modern, with long separated false lashes and soft blush. The hair is starting to grow in volume too, and the fashions are cute and girly. I must say I like this issue a lot!

Ageha October 2008
Ageha's main focus is hair and make up in the Hostess style. Ageha has spawned it's very own style, Agejo, and it's not affected too much by current trends. It's somtimes hard to tell this is from two years ago, however there are some over-highlighted hairstyles which give it away!

Egg September 2009
You know you've opened an Egg magazine when it starts with a double spread Cocolulu advert. The style of the magazine is identical to now, but those cowboy hats look so outdated now!

2010 is still going on, so no feature on this year :3

I'm going to try and fill the gap between 1999 and 2004 to see the transtition from Gonguro/ganguro to Manba. Let me know if you find any Gal mags from this time :)


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  3. ^ AGREE! Haha, I love this post! I've never seen a compilation like this, it's definitely very interesting. I can't wait to see the rest of the transitions! :)

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