Monday, 4 October 2010

Less well-known Gal brands and shops

I wanted to share some less well-known Gal brands and shops I think need more love :)

Cute and unsual fashion.

Gorgeous shoe shop! Sizes go up to an LL (JP 24.5 ~ 25)

Cute and current Gal style available on the credge site.

Sexy Gal brand focussing strongly on current fashions. Webshop hosted by YahooShopping and they appear to ship overseas if you have a YahooJP login.

Mid-priced shop selling basics. General Japanese fashion but some nice stuff.

Relatively cheap shop for basics and cheap shoes and boots. Great for cutely printed tees!

Amekaji brand currently sold through Rakuten shop Bubbly. Cute and bright style similar to Cocolulu but a little more everyday. I think it deserves to be more popular as it has a lot of very original and cute clothing alongside the standard Amekaji wear.

Great little rakuten based shop selling essentials cheaply! Similar to Yumetenbo but for more adult, casual looks.

Not a Gal brand, but sells plenty of cute affordable fashion and ships internationally!

Nice cheap footwear and apparel shop with a more mature look.

Natural/Bohemian style shop which fits well into the current Mori Gal style.

Happy shopping!


  1. Nice brands, i will have a lookie!

  2. do all these ship online? and nice post btw:)

  3. i mean internationaly* lol