Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tokyo Day Six

Only three more days till we have to come home ;_;

Today was a geeky day! We went to the Sony building and... the Dragon Quest Bar!

In the morning we went to the Sony building. We got to see some pretty amazing DSLRs, and I left photos of Pink Latte 'Bunny' on as many as I could.  The place was pretty packed with noisy obnoxious Gaijin, so we felt a little uncomfortable, especially since the staff on the Tax Free floor seemed exhausted. If you're into technology and visiting Tokyo, you don't need to bother with the Sony building, go to Yodabashi Camera, it's much bigger and more interesting, with a lot more of a fun atmosphere. We did get to see a 1,000,000 Yen speaker though.

Since we still had some time before lunch, we decided to get off at station we didn't know and look around. We chose Hibiya and it was really lucky- there was a garden show going on! There were 16 mini gardens on display, I'm pretty it was a competition. This one was my favourite:

I don't understand why the bird scare is a toilet, but the screens were nice :)

This one impressed me, it even had a little pond in one box.

This one is super relaxing :)

Quick snap of Tokyo Tower for no reason at all:

In Roppongi there is a bar for the game Dragon Quest, it's called Luida's Bar. We couldn't pass up the chance to visit!

It's a tiny standing bar, but a very nice and friendly place. There was a cute couple, a pair of teenage girls, a pair of young-ish geeky men, and us. We didn't get to speak to them but everyone seemed to be having fun :)

The bar is filled with figures XD

I had a kind of green tea milkshake, and Mark had this potion :p

We ordered Slime bao! Aren't they cute?? Mark ate the face first, I ate the face last. The filling was pork (I ate pork again ;_;) with mushroom. To be honest, they weren't as tasty as the ones sold in conbini but they were cute!

Then we had what we thought was chicken, but actually it was pork fat (and again, I ate pork...) which was kinda difficult to finish. This dish was enough for four people really. But look at the skewers!

For dessert we had a tirimisu Sanguni! We ate its cute little face last :p

There was a Donki on the same road so I bought some fluffy boot covers!

And some nordic shorts :)

Mark's comment on the Nordic trend: "that reindeer must be very famous." XD

For dinner we went to First Kitchen but... it was a little disappointing. The cheese fries were really strong and sweet. Does not compare to Mos Burger at all :p

Tomorrow we're going to Namja Town, I can't wait!!


  1. Haa haa those buns do look so so cute *0*! I love those shorts too so much nordic everywhere but those are probably the cutest Nordic thing I've seen so far!

  2. You really look like you're enjoying Tokyo!
    I haven't been online so I was just catching up on your blog today but you've gotten lots and lots of nice stuff!

    I'm looking forward to reading about Namja Town :]