Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tokyo Day Three

Today was our third day in Tokyo, and we went to visit Kawagoe with Shin-san, sculptor and boss of Shinydoll. Lots of photos under jump~

Mark took most of the photos today :)

Of course Mark and I started the day with a Mos burger brunch. Then we went to Ikebukuro to catch the train. The train line is actually owned by Tobu department store! There was a bambi coat I wanted in As Know As Pinky in Tobu, but it was a bit expensive :P

On the platform there was a billboard for Kirin with Arashi. How do these boys find the time to be on TV variety shows everyday and star in TV dramas and do all these adverts and be a boyband??

We met Shin-san in Kawagoe, and went to the traditional shopping street. It had a really nice atmosphere and not many Gaijin at all :)

The firemen's tower, built in Edo period.

I don't know what this building is, but it looks so cool :)

We visited two shrines, one had an amazing Edo building, but photos weren't allowed inside. There was this amazing collection of 500 statues, each with a different expression.

Shin-san and statues :)

Mark tried to replicate the complex emotions on the statues face :p

Shrine gates :)

When we walked back to the station we spotted this cute pie shop :)

Then it was time for our business dinner at a sashimi restaurant! Of course to talk about Shinydoll partly... But mostly to enjoy delicious food! The place looked so simple, so quaint, but the food was amazing :)

The menu is pinned around the room depending on which fish are in on the day. The walls are decorated with stickers from alcohol bottles and there's a little tv in the corner :)

We sat on the floor and drank beer, I felt it was a proper Japanese business dinner!
Apologies for the uncomfortably blurry photo, this was the only one of our eating area ^^;

Sashimi platter including fatty tuna! Mackerel was especially delicious! I ate the radish, it was tasty but Shin-san said it's for decoration :P

Suzu was reunited with her creator :p

We ate sooo much food. Fish cake, sashimi platter, two types of grilled fish, lobster sashimi, grilled giant clam, sashimi donburi with soup... And after this photo there was still more food; the chef made the lobster sashimi into a delicious miso soup :)

The place is run by only this married couple. I thought they were really sweet and amazing people. I don't think they ever had Gaijin in their little restaurant before :p

Now after so much beer I need to sleep! Bye for now ^^

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  1. Aaaaahhh!! I want to be in front of a billboard with matsumoto jun of arashi, too!! *v*