Friday, 22 October 2010

Tokyo Day Two

Hi everyone :3

It's our second day in Tokyo, and we went to Harajuku and Shinjuku.

We had the complimentary 'hotel' breakfast this morning. Actually it's in an Excelsior Coffee attached to the hotel. Mark had a ham sandwich and I had clam chowder soup. Not very breakfast but super tasty! All the breakfast comes with potato salad too!

Our hotel is only two stops from Omotesando ( high-brand shopping area right by Harajuku) so we were so early we had to wait an hour for the shops to open! Luckily Daiso was open so we bought a few things while we waited. Mark bought some OK/NG handheld signs :p

Obligatory Harajuku side street photo!

Lots of photos under jump!

I dressed for comfort today. It was quite warm ^^

I may have spent quite a lot in Pink Latte. The staff were really sweet and complimented the Pink Latte t-shirt I was wearing! I really love Pink Latte >_<

And there was a Gal shopping there :p

Me with my haul! They gave me three tote bags because I spent so much ^^;;

Here's a couple of the things I bought :)

Bag charm :)

They had a make up section with Canmake! I bought this perfume, it smells soooo good! If you've ever had Japanese Grape flavour sweets (such as Mintia!) you'll know the smell of this perfume.  And it was cheap!

Mark with today's shopping and finding a use for his Daiso sign :P

For lunch we went to Sweets Paradise which is above Pink Latte. It's an all-you-can-eat desserts buffet, but I just go for the curry. Mark had three plates of desserts!


We happened by Nile Perch on the way to Soom, and the mannequin was really cute!

I bought this scarf there. I'm enjoying the fur trend even though I don't wear real fur :p

In England it seems like when women get older there's so few places they can buy pretty clothes. In Tokyo women still dress pretty and feminine over 40, they just make it more modest. This shop was selling such nice clothes for middle aged women, but we only got a picture of the PJs!

The hotel and Mark :)

We went to Shinjuku in the afternoon, and braved Donki. It's cheap variety shop and it's crazy crowded. The hamster and kangaroo kigurumi were on offer and had matching colours so we bought them for Halloween. I'm thinking of taking the pouch off the kangeroo one so Mark can wear it without 'cross-dressing' XD

After finally getting to the till in Donki (they have a guy whose job it is to hold back shoppers from the tills, sometimes physically. It's crazy) we went to Tokyo Hands. It's a general store/department store which we love. We really wanted to buy some furniture... Anyone want to split a shipping container?? :p

For dinner we went to Jonathon's as it was right by our hotel. We both had the demi-glace burger, it was so tasty! It comes without a bun on a hot plate with a soy sauce and black pepper sauce. We had a really nice waitress who kept trying to talk to us but our Japanese just isn't good enough! Eventually we understood she was saying her mother is Philippino, and we think she was trying to find out if Mark was!

Anyway, here is Mark enjoying his burger :)

Tomorrow we are meeting up with Shin-san, artist and owner of Shinydoll BJD company, who is my boss as I'm a Shinydoll dealer! We are going to Kawagoe, also known as 'Little Edo' for it's historic architecture. I'm bringing my Shinydoll Suzune so there'll be doll photos tomorrow :)


  1. Waa it looks like you're having so much fun! (Did you go in the soom store?!)

    Alot of the Pink Latte stuff is Adorable~ I've not heard of them before.

    Hope you have a good day tommorow~

  2. That looks like such a fun day!
    I wish I had gotten the chance to stay over in tokyo when I was in Japan so I could explore more.

    If you have any free time, I suggest the gardens in Tokyo(the imperial garden was reallly pretty in the fall). There's one garden(I think it's near ginza?) that has a boat tour that was really cool!

    I'm looking forward to seeing more photos!

  3. Amelie: Yeah I bought some shoes from Soom! The shop assistant was Korean and kinda miserable lol.

    Stacy: There's one in Harajuku I went to last year, it's a wedding garden!! :)

  4. I love that they gave you free things :D
    Im sure if I went in Topshop head to toe in their gear they wouldnt care haha

    and wowwww if that perfume smells like grape, I need it!!!