Monday, 25 October 2010

Tokyo days Four and Five

I didn't update yesterday because I caught a cold (there were a lot of people sneezing on the plane, so can't say I'm surprised.)

Anyway, lots of photos of Shinjuku gardens and Odaiba under the jump~

A few nights ago we made a little  video to show how noisy Akasaka Mitsuke area is at night. But I've been too lazy and ill to upload it till now :p

Yesterday morning we missed the 'hotel' breakfast so had Krispy Kreme, then visited Shinjuku gardens. It was really beautiful even on a rainy day. All the nice photos were taken by Mark, the less nice ones by me :)

A friendly fence post took this photo for us :)

Of course, we had to visit this side of Shinjuku too!

We stopped in Yodabashi Camera, a giant megastore for technology to fuel our new addiction; Gachapon! The little capsule machines. I got lots of cute little phone charms :3

We then went to Akihabara, hoping to go to the super cheap food court where you buy your food using a ticket... But it's gone upmarket! So we went to an even bigger Yodabashi Camera, but poor Mark couldn't look for long because I felt so ill. This photo doesn't show how huge the Akiba branch is...

So we watched some variety show TV, played some Dragon Quest and went to bed ^^;;

Today we went to a place I really love- Odaiba! It's a man-made island which obviously used to be popular but is now really tired and rusty. I love it :P

Toyota theme park was closed so we went straight onto the big wheel (never a queue..)

Pink Latte 'bunny' wanted a pic too :p

We took lots of Purikura, which was totally empty except for a few people using Tsubasa's new machine. I can't upload them yet cos no scanner and no mobile internet.

The other side of the island is Decks, a depaato full of cheap teen clothes and so on. I love its tackiness a lot!

Spot the Rainbow Bridge:

In there I bought some wellies because there's rain forecast, and Japanese rain on concrete means very wet feet. How cool are they though, they look like normal ankle boots! The photo looks weird, they are actually dark grey.

This item combines three things I love- capes, teedy bear fabric and ears on clothes!

After Odaiba we still had some time, so went to Shibuya to go to Three Minutes Happiness, a cheap but lovely clothes/make up/accessories shop I visit every year. But it was gone! I actually feel really emotional after four years. For the three years I went they had the same Alan Jackson CD on loop. Comme Ca have ditched it for Mono, their 'lifestyle' shop. I do like Comme Ca but I think they are wrong to abolish their cheap clothing line for umbrellas and plates.

Mos burger cheered me up though. Third branch we've been to in a week!

We went to 109-2 but it was so crap I won't even talk about it.

We stopped in 109 to look for some shoes Koneko wanted, but sadly the only ones there were the shop assistant's own pair! I don't know why but I didn't find 109 that interesting. Maybe I was just too sad about TMH!

This billboard for Popteen was on the building beside 109. I doin't really like Popteen (even if I do love Popsister) but you gotta love this photoshop job :)

Of course I should mention, Hooters just opened in the building of a very nice hotel near us. WTF. Look at how many people are trying to get in! I guess it's cheaper than a hostess bar? We don't know if the waitresses are as All-American as the brand; the queue's too big to find out :p

Tomorrow is a geek day; Sony Centre then hopefully DragonQuest bar for some Slime-shaped bao. Nom!
See you later~


  1. LOVE these posts! Keep them coming :D hehe

  2. I was just wondering how much does it cost for those capsule machines??? I would spend all day there!