Sunday, 21 November 2010

AkaHaru Spam!

It's been a while since my last post on Aka Haru :)

Hoodie + fox tail outfit, I love it XD

Recently she changed her circle lens colour. I'm not sure which brand she was using before, but now she's using Angel Colour Bambi in chocolate. Honestly I preferred the previous yellow-ish ones she had, I find her new ones a little flat looking.

Here is a photo of her without her extensions in. Really cute I think!

She has her hair done at Ankh Cross salon. This is  aphoto she took of the hot chocolate she had there. Love the Mickey stirrer :)

I'm showing this picture because I have mine the same colour and glitter at the moment. But my nail varnish is from Lawson, I doubt she buys hers from a conbini. But you never know :P

Here's a photo of her at a Buzz Spunky shoot with Mens Egg Youth model Yamada Kazukimi ( ずっきー /Zukki.) She mentions him a lot in her blog... Wonder if just a work relationship or more..?
EDIT: Nope, his girlfriend's name is Misaki >_<

She seems really into body art at the moment, and visits Salon De Lily for temporary body art a lot.

Quick snap from what I think was a MensEggYouth shoot. I don't know who this guy is but she called him 'ikemen' on her blog :p

Some Purikura with Zukki :)
I don't know who the girl in the middle is, but I think she is possibly a MensEggYouth 'couple' model like Akaharu sometimes does. She's got a very cute and distinctive face, so maybe someone recognises her?

Akaharu climbed Takao-san (super fast and easy to get to from central Tokyo and lovely, highly recommended place to visit if you're in Tokyo!) with these girls who I think are Sby staff~

She complained about her sweaty fringe in the photo, but I think it's cute as it shows she put effort into getting up that mountain!

That's all the spam for today :p

Edit: oops, forgot to put the link to her Ameblo!

PS: I'm planning a 50+ follower giveaway :)


  1. Oh my goodness she's so cute! May I get a link to her blog please?

  2. She's really cute!! I like her hair and make a lottt!!
    does she appear in egg often?? I've never heard of her before, but I'm not up on model's names, hahaha!

    and zukki is soooooo hawt. if she doesn't want him, she can definitely send him my way~~ haha

  3. loves it....she is so cute! i want her new lenses!!

  4. PeachPixie: :)

    Stacy: She doesn't appear in any of the girl's mags unless it's a Buzz Spunky ad, but she does appear in MensEggYouth sometimes.

  5. Such a sweet entry
    I adore her hair and I can see her influence on you a lot :D

  6. I love her! She's so pretty and has such amazing style! :)

  7. she's super pretty!
    and she kind of resembles tsubasa :9

  8. Hi ! I just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment at my blog :3 I noticed it only now!
    Also, I'm kind of new to blogger and I'm confused as to how answer to comments. I'm afraid I only posted a comment under yours, not -answered- to yours specifically...

  9. Too much cuteness in one post! :D
    And true I thought she looks like tsubasa too :P

    I wonder if it was really that hard to climb that mountain? :p

  10. in some pics she reminds me of Tsubasa ^^ with the bambi lens even more!! but she reminds me more of Tsu chan's older style that i used to like a lot...But i start to really like Hkaharu *.* she's os pretty! i see her as my new inspiration!!! ^0^

    great post!!! thanks a lot <3