Monday, 15 November 2010

Clothes and shoes clearout ^^;

I'm saving up for something and so I have some clothes and shoes for sale! Mix of new and used stuff, some stuff from Japan, but nothing expensive :)

All the prices include UK shipping- so if you want pick-up or international shipping the price will be different :)

Petrol blue Schuh kitten heels (the inset pic is an attempt to show the colour!)
European size 39 / UK size 6
Worn a few times but still  reasonably good condition.

White ribbon low heels
UK size 5
These are from a Chinese wholesale site and are kinda low quality. They clip rather than buckle. Cute though ^^

New Look clogs
UK 6
Never worn outside

Next white platforms
UK 4 (but fit my 5-6 feet)
Worn once.

New Look bag
Worn once but as new. Goes well with the clogs above :)

Sequin mini dress
Size S
Tried on but it's not my style. Few sequins under the arms have moved from trying on.

Floral maxi dress
Size S
Came with Egg Fukubukuro. I'm just not a maxi dress person ^^;

Zara TRF denim jacket
Size S
Loves this, but if you know my wardrobe, you'll know I have nothing to co-ord with it :p

New Look floral dress HOLD
Size S
Worn twice, but I feel too fat for it :(

Polka dot over top/dress
Size M
Bought in Tokyo (Blue Grass) last year and worn a few times, but again I'm just too bottom heavy for it.

Yukata and Obi
Light summer Yukata from Fashionwalker, obi from Asakusa. Height about 160cm. The obi in the full shot is not the one included- the one included is a normal one, not pre-tied.

Sony 8.1 megapixel camera with 1GB card
Really nice little camera, really light and portable. It handles shaky hands and low light pretty well. Good macro setting. The only issue is that the function selection wheel is a bit loose, and when on auto it sometimes slips to program if you brush it. Comes with charger and a 1GB memory card. Reason for selling is that I don't need two cameras

Bodyline dress
Too big for me in the chest and too small in the hip sadly. Just my body shape being wrong >_<

QQ Penguin phone

Works in England and Hong Kong (has English language.
Very basic phone, so good for kids perhaps :)
Features: basic camera, BMI calculator... phone book? Flashing eyes!
His bowtie paint has rubbed off and the screen has gone fuzzy :p

 Shop photo of the phone

I'm open to trades, you know I love anything cute :)


  1. Hmm well I tried to comment here earlier but it is apparently not here =S

    Do you have a worn pic of the New Look floral dress?

  2. Hi Abbey,
    Here's a pic ^^

  3. Hmm I'll have to think about it, since I had my eye on those legwarmers too which seem to be taken xP

    Also...AJ bag twins! Hehe.

  4. I think I'll take the New Look dress if it's still available =]

  5. Hello

    I wonder if the prices are with shipping included or not.
    And if not included, how much would cost?

  6. I wanna buy your yukata+obi! ♥
    But I come from germnay is it okay?

  7. Hey lovely, do you still have the bodyline dress? If so I'll defo take it off your hands! Let me know, as I could buy it from you at Chessington next week =) xx

  8. I'm interested in the floral maxi dress
    Could you tell me if the expenses are included in the price or how the costs would be included?

    I'm spanish


  9. Hi
    I really want the polka dots, do you still have it??
    Do you think it will fit a U.S size small/medium?

  10. It's very stretchy, so it'll fit most sizes ^^