Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gals in Japan vs Western Gal community

There is ranting in this post, just to warn you :p

Disclaimer: I'm still new to Gal myself, I don't claim to be a model example. My point is that there is no model example.

I want to talk about Gals in Japan. There's not as many as you may think. Obviously if you go to 109 you'll see quite a few, but a stroll round Shinjuku station will quickly tell you that nearly all young Japanese women and teens love a sweet, natural, modest style. This year I saw lots of natural coloured boots with knit legwarmers, wide leg shorts and layered tops. It looks really adorable. The few Gals I saw were very strictly adhering to current fashion; lots of fox tails, furry boot covers, nordic scarves etc. And despite what the Western Gal community thinks, curled hair is usually just an evening look, and the general daytime look is sleek brown hair, long or bobbed, and up-dos. Blond hair seems to be pretty much out now.

I know Gals have a reputation for being rude and vapid, but even I was a little shocked by some of the girls I encountered this year. However, it was only the girls hanging on to outdated looks such as B-Gyaru and the ones who were dressed REALLY slutty who were like this. Everyday Gals seemed normal enough!

It annoys me that the Western Gyaru community is so strict on 'rules', especially since these 'rules' are really outdated and inaccurate, yet people get so much hate for breaking them. I wish the people criticising would look at some recent Street Snaps and stop hanging onto 2008.

Yes it's true you don't need to spend a fortune on importing branded clothes from Japan, but you DO need to look at what those brands are selling to plan your coordinates using clothes you can get hold of or already have. Yes it's true that there's no age, race or weight limit on Gal, but you still need to make the best of yourself and style according to your own natural attributes.

I'm a fan of many Western Gals, the ones who put the effort in and ENJOY themselves. If you're not enjoying yourself, it shows. It doesn't matter what your style is, if you do it with energy and care it's most likely gonna look good!

Speaking of looking good, here are just a few of the Western Gals I admire:

Koneko has a really unique style which I respected her for before we even met. She's bold and honest, which gets her into trouble, but it makes her a really charming friend. Her usual style is kinda Rokku, but she also goes Banba for fun sometimes. The thing I love most about her style is that she has so many different looks but always pulls them off :)

Niijii - Sorry I don't have a link for him >_<
Niijii is fabulous! He is amazing at Manba make up and weave making, and has a really cute amekaji-ish style.  He is really dedicated to Gal and I really respect that. And he loves MensEggYouth as much as I do!  He's apparently making some style changes, I can't wait to see it <3

Floz is one amazing girl! She perfected Hime Gyaru style within months and is now moving to Rokku style. Both look amazing on her! Her hair and make up is always big and beautiful, and she turns heads everywhere she goes. Did I mention she also does alternative clothing modelling? She's also a really lovely and affectionate friend. I miss her >_<

I've only met Kei once but she made a real impression on me. Her hair and make up are fabulous and she's got a fantastic wardrobe. I wish I knew her better :)

Sammi is a massive fan of W<3C and she even looks like Chinatsu!! I love her style a lot!

Jou is from Nagoya and is studying in the UK. I don't know her well, but she's got a great dramatic feminine style!

I love her unique style!

So that this thread isn't totally picture-naked, here's Shibuya crossing at night for no reason at all.

And a girl walking out of Liz Lisa Harajuku. It kinda looked like one of their mannequins had walked off haha. I loved her hair.

Hope this post wasn't too long and ranty :P


  1. agreed :) and i dont think it was ranty either

  2. "My point is that there is no model example" love it :D

    When in Japan I got a lot of looks from people lol I remember waiting outside Swimmer for Emma as I'd bought my things
    and girls in the mall were glaring at me so badly, I wondered if I was doing a social faux-pa by waiting outside the shop like that XD;

    Thanks so much for mentioning me :D :D
    To be told I look like Chinatsu... where do you live? Im coming to hug you to death!!! hahaha :D XD

  3. agreed!!!!
    and aww!! thank you ww^^

  4. I could follow you JUST for this post. (But I'll follow you for other reasons as well XD)
    It's just...so nice to see people with such reasonable opinions.
    I wish some people, those more dogmatic, would get a chance to stroll in Tokyo for a few days - see what real life, everyday gal's look like, and what a variety it is, and how different it can be from the too perfect models from the magazines. Because when I see people saying things such as "You can't be gyaru without contact lenses so suck it up and wear them" I'm just...I'm dumbfounded..

  5. Thank you Style-Finding-Girl :)

    The word 'dogmatic' seems very relevant to the Western Gal community. Honestly, I think Gal has two key components: being fake, and being sexy whilst cute. People get so hung up on silly rules (like having to wear circle lenses) that they end up missing the entire point of Gal.

  6. Wow.
    You've literally taken the words RIGHT out of my mouth.

  7. I have to say that I just might love you. You're so different from most of the Western gals / gal-inspired that I'm a little awed now. :D I've been wondering about how people, like you said, always bring up some 'rules' and stuff which make the gal style seem "larger-than-life-serious-business". It's a little funny... and sad.

    You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and I also adore your style. You really seem like a good person~! This post made my day. :)

  8. Aww you know what, I've been having a really bad day but your comment has really cheered me up. Thank you :)