Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Geek+Gyaru has moved!

Welcome to lattebunny.blogspot.com!

I'm sad to lose my followers, but I hope some of them will come over to Latte Bunny with me :)

The reasons for the move are firstly that I feel presumptious putting 'gyaru' in my blog title, and secondly that there are a few other blogs which already had a near identical title!



  1. it's funny that even gyaru in Japan is such a free thing, in the western gal world, everyone is so vicious and you have to protect yourself.

    But I like latte bunny too. The name is really cute. I will continue to follow you! :]

  2. I like the name Latte Bunny...and your layout is cute!!

  3. I really like the new name it's cute

  4. Aww but couldn't you have changed the other blog's name and address? O_o At least that what I did...

    Well never mind, I'll follow anyways & the new name is cute xD ♥

  5. Henna: I couldn't work out how to change the URL without exporting and importing the whole blog ^^;

    Thanks for re-following me :)

  6. I already told you on your closed blog that I feel a bit guilty for this. :3

    Well, I won't repeat the whole comment, but the big picture was that: if we both liked it, why not? & well, having something as your title just shows passion, but doesn't mean expertise!

    Anyway, the new name and layout is awesome, and if you love it more than the older one... That's awesome!

  7. Aww don't feel guilty!

    The old name was just a bit 'specific' for me. Latte Bunny basically doesn't mean anything so it's more free for me XD

    The layout's temporary, I'm working on a new one ^^