Friday, 12 November 2010

A Pink Latte Day~

I needed some photos for the blog layout, so I thought it was also a good time to lighten my hair and try and make some lower lashes :)

I didn't put many on, and I only used powder as eyeliner but I think they look ok?

First of all, I really wanted to lighten my hair to match my half-wig. I was a little too cautious so it doesn't match exactly, but I'll just take it down one step lighter in a few weeks.

Here's where I started: horrible roots and just too dark.

I couldn't find my usual bleach (Belle Blonde) but this is the same brand and description, so myabe they just rebranded it? I mixed it half and half with the super cheap conditioner in the picture.

Result: not quite as light as I wanted but I'm happy with the tone! It doesn't exactly match the half-wig yet but...meh :p
I used some short upper lashes cut up to do lower lashes.

It's was a Pink Latte/ Shibuhara day today :P

Hat, hoodie, dungarees, charm: Pink Latte
Legwarmers: Donki
Boots: Korean

I've got a doll event on Sunday, we're providing a prize so I want to look my best. I'll be back with photos then :p


  1. You're so cute :,D your hair came out a lovely colour~ whats the name of the lipstick you use, its really nice =D

  2. I really like the way the tones of your hair and the half wig suit each other. While I don't see it as often as I did before, I still see a lot of two-toned hairs in the magazines, and more than once I see it in new and creative ways, this looks like one of those!

    By the way, I love the light at the left pic of the bottom.

    And I agree with all, cute!

  3. Ahh I used that bleach too :D
    Glad it helped your hair out, I didnt even realise you were wearing a wig for a while XD;
    Love the pictures of you too, you are so sweet looking, like a human pink latte?! Hehe XD

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments <3

    Emmie: It's Collection 2000 in Bubblegum! It's actually quite nice despite being cheap, but needs to be blotted! I was trying to match the lilac Tsubasa wears a lot :)

  5. Wow so cute! I really love your make up :)

  6. Nice clothes and nice photos :3


  7. You look like dolly, i wanna take you home^_^