Saturday, 20 November 2010

Reunion + doll geekery.

Met up with Niijii, Koneko and Caryn today, but sadly no Floz! I miss her!

It feels like it's been forever, but it's actually like two months. Since they were in Japan for a few weeks, then I went to Japan, then Koneko went to Helsinki... Everyone's so busy!

We didn't get to stay long but just had a chat, a lunch and took some Purikura~

This is my make up today. Sorry I look tired, I forgot to take a photo before I went out so this is me at the end of the day! I got lots of good advice on Everyday_Gal recently: define brows and bring eyelashes closer to inner corner. As you can see, neither got done. Next time ^^;;

I'm experimenting with lower lashes, this look is inspired by anime, with just two wisps on each eye. Too cartoony?

Niijii has a fab new look inspired by MensEggYouth. I'm seriously jealous of his hair and outfits recently. He brought me back a funny Cocolulu pen from Japan! Koneko still looks amazing with pink hair, but for some reason the Puri machine hates the pink and makes it look red? Caryn just looked flawless as always, she had an amazing new handbag <3

We molested Santa. (My expression was really creepy so I censored it.)

 Koneko's expression is so cute in this pic! <3

I'm waiting for the Purikura scans <3


Totally unrelated, but last weekend Mark and I went to a doll event where our Shinydoll webshop was giving away a raffle prize.

I wanted to go Agejo style but in the end I kept it really simple, and attempted to match my doll.

Kinda matches?

The collectors there were really down to earth and friendly, which was nice. I'd really like to see a lot of them again.

The leader of Gal Circle Delight, Amelie , was also there and it was nice to meet a fellow doll collector/ Gyaru too.

By the way, International Manba Day is next Saturday. Hope you're all dressing up :p


  1. You look soooo adorable! I adore your makeup! I think lower false lashes look really good on you :) I want to see more pink cheeks!! <33 And now I sorta want Niijii's hair too lmao. XD I didn't even notice the bottom part of Koneko's hair, that's so rad o_o Gahh, everyone is so good-looking! <3

    I also love your dress in the last picture <3 I wish I didn't have to work on Saturday! I'd probably dress up just to take pictures anyway, but having time to actually at least do it would be nice too. :P

  2. You all look amazing!!! And I like the why your bottom lashes look, not cartoony at all. I have the same problem with eyebrows....I'm always meaning to re-shape them....but I'm just to lazy!! XD

    Yay for dollies!!!! I love going to doll meet ups at Anime Cons and I don't even own a doll! I'm always amazed how each doll can become like an art piece. Just Lovely!

  3. Oh you look so cute, the meetup photos are funny. That poor santa haha!!

    When I read your and Amelie's entries about your ABJD it makes me want to write about my dolls too. But I'm too shy TT

  4. Nice photos!! :)
    Your look pretty ^_^