Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tokyo (and me!) over four years

I've now visited Tokyo four years in a row, so I thought I'd make a post about it~

Warning: hideous no make-up pics inside!

The first time I went was just a few months after meeting Mark, and we went with two of his friends, one of whom is now my very good friend as well. The exchange rate was brilliant for us so everything out there was pretty cheap. We also got an amazing deal on a luxury hotel (Royal Park in Suitengumae) and they upgraded our room twice just because they didn't have ours ready when we checked in! It was kinda funny that there were these four grubby university students sneaking in Mos burger take-aways into this luxury hotel.

I acted really rude on that trip and I regret it. I argued constantly with Mark's friend and should really have just gone with the flow. Still, it was a lot of fun.

I didn't wear make up at all. I had really clear skin and was skinny, what a waste that I didn't take care of myself! I look foul! Mark looks really young and geeky too :P

The next time we went was the midst of the recession. there were empty shops and restaurants around, and you could definitely feel it was a bit of a hard time. But the very next year everything was back to normal, Japan is amazing. We went with Mark's brother, but I don't think he liked the serious conformity of Japan. It's not for everyone. We stayed in Ikebukuro, and although it's a nice area, it's a little far from everything.

I still didn't wear make up (even though I felt super self conscious I didn't think to put it on) and I had put on a LOT of weight. I was up to 60 kg. And I had no style at all.

Why didn't I at least throw on some concealer?!!

The next year Mark and I went just as a couple. It was really romantic. We stayed in Shinjuku and had nice romantic walks along the tracks to Takashimaya, and ate on the top floor at night. they were installing the new years lights near our hotel and it was super beautiful! We climbed Mt Takao which was fun and challenging. a really good year :)

I had lost a lot of the weight and was down to neare 50kg and seem to have discovered mascara at least. It was there that suddenly my interest in fashion was sparked :)

Normal and boring, but not bad!

This year we again went just the two of us, which was nice. We finally went to Yomiuri Land, after four years of wanting to! But sadly my favourite shop which I'd visited every year to buy cute Engrish tees and cheap clothes was gone!

My hair was utterly messed up for the trip so all I could do was tie it back... The dye is growing out and ends broke off, it's just awful. I had a hair cut today and it's better but I apologise for boring hair in the pics.

Weird expression but I think it shows the weight loss and addition of make up :P

I love Daiso number 10 lashes!

Everything except the bag and watch I bought in Tokyo:P

Hope next year I'll look even less of a mess XD


  1. Im so jealous youve been non-stop for a few years :O
    Its cute how you went with your bf before you were even together hehehe
    and I loved seeing your style development! :D

  2. Sorry that bit wasn't clear! We started going out the day we met so we were already going out then! haha

  3. ahh this is really sweet! Its also great to see how you've changed too <3

  4. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

    We should go to Japan together! You and Mark and me and ...someone? haha!

  5. Lish, you would get so bored with us! All we do is eat :p

  6. So jealous of those pants! BTW hope this isn't a rude question but how do you finance your trip? Do you just save up every year and go once a year? I'd love to do that...I haven't been in Japan since 2007! D: I miss it!

  7. Kate: We start saving for the next trip the moment we get back from the last one pretty much! ^^;

  8. OMFG! I have found your blog as I have become (completely and utterly) obsessed with Haruki Murakami's 1Q84, which I have been reading for a month now (just half way through!) I spent quite some time in Makuhari 10 years ago, but reading 1Q84 has made me want to go back to Japan like never before. Your blog has made me realise that I can do this as a tourist yet still experience real Japan (in conjunction with Air B&B). Have you ever tried to learn Japanese? I'm looking for the best/easiest method. I would love to chat with you about Japan email is acamm - the at sign - (the word) me - full stop - com ignore hyphens.