Monday, 1 November 2010

Tokyo last day + Purikura!

This is really late cos we got stuck in Paris on the way home (our flight from Tokyo to Paris landed after our connecting flight home had already left...)

Our last day in Tokyo we went to Yomiuri Land! It's a theme park in Western Tokyo we've been planning to visit for four years and only this year got round to it! We went on a Friday and we practically had the place to ourselves! There were a couple of other couples and a few families.

The station was a little empty....

And there was no one else taking the gondola to the park either ^^;

The big rollercoaster is called Bandit, it's so good! Really fast but not bumpy or scary! My false eyelashes were flapping, I thought they would fly off XD

The queue for Bandit... awww

There were two seater go-karts, Mark drove :)

This is the park's mascot, Landdog the alien.

Landdog carousel :)

This ride was really good, and really scary! It goes so slowly once it's upside down!

We also went on a Couple's Challenge thing. You have to go through an obstacle course and not touch any lasers within 3 minutes. We failed every time (because there's no queue, we just kept trying over and over haha )

We couldn't resist going on the big wheel :)

Look at this cute food stand :)

The eating area was really nice, but again... No one using it!

The sea lion show was still on despite how quiet the park was!

I like their smiles!!!

When we went in there were actually quite a few people... Kawasaki Fire Department were there for some reason! They looked super serious and a bit scary. I don't think they enjoyed it much...

The boy waiting for a fish :)

Mark went on the go-karts again!

And leaving the park. Aww. When there's no queues you get through everything quite quickly XD

Now I'm home I scanned some of the Purikura ^^


  1. such a cute and lovely couple <3 And lucky there were no look like you had fun! Like your cute animal muffler. ITS SOO ADORABLE ><

  2. That park mascot is so cute! I want merch of it now hahahaa :D
    So eery at how empty the park was but I guess good if you were able to get more done in your day

    and Im loving the Purikura, so sweet! :D

  3. It looks so empty - lucky :D
    Haha omg that seal made me laugh so much, it's so damn scary XD