Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What have I done to my hair???

I wanted reddish blonde/light brown hair. Like Tsubasa's here:

So I managed to really mess that up XD

My hair is really damaged from a year of bleaching. I finally had all the dead bits cut off (a year ago a hairdresser bleached my hair clear and it died, it's been miserable waiting for it to grow out) but the remaining hair was really unevenly bleached and growing out.

Here you can see how wrongly multi-tonal my hair was:

So I thought I'd add just a little bit of colour to darken the blond only a shade.

I used Schwarzkopf Colour XXL in Hot Cinnamon, as it's nice and orangy. I knew my hair is damaged, so I halved the development time. Half was too much! And obviously,t he bleached bits dyed much stronger than the natural bits ^^;

It's definitely a nice colour, but it's not at all what I wanted! It's so mature for me!

I like how much healthier my hair looks now, but I don't think it suits me to be this dark. Maybe I just need to get used to it. Maybe it does make my grey eyes show up more?

Anyway, I tried out Daiso number 11 lashes. I really like the shape of them, but I don't think they are long or curly enough for me. I've got very small eyes so I need to be careful to choose curly lashes. Maybe these lashes would be good combined with some long wispy ones  though?

I wonder whether my hair will fade quickly or not ^^;


  1. I actually really like it!! It's a lovely shade :D
    Im sure once youre all Pink Latte'd up it will still look good and not too mature XD
    Im also glad you mentioned the lashes because I was going to ask, theyre very nice!

  2. The colour is nice! I find reds show our blue eyes offmore XD mines faded semi fast it lost alot of the bold colour then kinda stopped. I used one of their xxl colours too (^O^)/

    Those lashes are so natural looking and not too OTT good find ^^

  3. Thanks guys! I think I just need to get used to it ^^;

    It had to be XXL, seems like no one else does reddish tones!!

  4. i think your hair looks great, and is on trend too! Try spending a day just styling it differently and you might love it more!
    you could also get some lighter extensions, that would look good too!!

  5. Thats a beautiful colour!! At least you get to keep yours :(

  6. I actually had hat same exact hair color in highschool I think it only looks mature with curly hair though. I was thinking of dying my hair back to this color too xD

  7. I like the colour it goes really well with your skin tone and eyes. If you think its to dark, it will more than likely fade after a few washes. I would suggest using a cleansing shampoo about three times, that should fade it enough. Then switch to a colour safe shampoo.

    And I understand about bleach damaged hair...its taken me forever to grow mine back out...

  8. This color brings out your eyes nya~~ Tsubasa had a red haircolor too for a little time (but it was darker i guess?)

  9. I think this haircolor suits you pretty well! Maybe better than this blonde/light brown thing in the tsubasa-picture.
    But I'm a fan of red hair anyway ;3

  10. I actually like it! It suits your really nice and your hair looks so thick and healthy :D