Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas makes me grumpy :p

Most of this post is about my life, just to warn you!

So, it's nearly Christmas! I don't exactly like Christmas, but I know it makes a lot of people happy. Yesterday was exactly four years after Mark and I got together, so we are going to a spa to celebrate that soon :)

Our tree is minimalist. Not deliberately, but because we didn't have time to buy decorations! The mini tree is cute though.

Recently I bought a nail stamping kit. Sadly nearly all of the 90 designs it came with are not my style at all: fairies, old-fashioned flowers and butterflies. But I liked the Hello Kitty and tartan tips stamps.

I'm very bad with my hands because of my Dyspraxia, but the stamping is really easy. For a person without any motor problems the results would be really good! But as it is, it's good enough for me :)

The stamped parts dry almost straight away, it's very strange. But it means you can stamp the same nail twice quickly without smudging it! (although I smudged mine with the topcoat :p)

I know the risks of posting photos of myself not in Gal make, but here's one anyway. I had to visit my granddad last week, and I like to look my best to see him, but I'm not ready to share Gal fashion with him! So this is my non-Gal look.

Now the whiny bit. My dog has been unwell for a month now, with a very horrible problem which I won't disturb you with. She's had expensive x-rays, ultrasounds and I'm waiting for results from the lab. Luckily I have insurance but I can't claim until she's had everything, so I'm fast running out of money! I'm not happy with her being prodded and injected and upset all the time. I just want this to be over.

Luckily she's not in pain, and seems herself :)

Sorry this wasn't an interesting post :p


  1. Simple tree but still very pretty. :) Also you still look great without makeup! You have nice features. :)

    That's so sad about your dog though! It's so sad when dogs are sick~ Mine had surgery a few months ago so I totally understand how draining it can be money-wise and emotionally! I hope she gets better soon. :(

  2. The tree is so pretty^^ And congrats to you and Mark! I want to go to a spa...but I know Tom wouldn't haha!

    I'm sorry about Noodle :(! I really hope the Vet can make her well!

  3. That nail stamping kit sounds pretty cool! ^^

  4. I love your dog!! Is really cuteeeeeeeeeeeee~~

  5. Awww!! I love your nails!! HK is really cute! ><

    Kisses <33

  6. Beautiful tree ^^
    I love your nail art, kitty it's so cute XD

  7. You look pretty well.
    I like your nails.
    Kisses :)