Sunday, 19 December 2010

My family Christmas ^^

So, we celebrated Christmas at a hotel this weekend. I'm not sure why, but my grandfather likes to have it a week early, and we don't argue with him ^^;

I'm battling with a cough which has floored me, so excuse my paleness. IRL, I look like death. I needed a LOT of blusher!!!

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I'm trying to get my family used to my Gyaru style. Today I tried some Ruby and Millie lashes. Very expensive, but lovely and soft. I didn't wear lower lashes because it was going to be a long day!!

Not very exciting, but this is what I wore. The necklace is a gift from my granddad, and the boots are waterproof ones from Japan :)

We exchanged gifts, and the one I got my granddad was REALLY expensive but I think he liked it- Cigarette cards with native American characters on. Mark and I got Amazon vouchers, so we are gonna wait for a good DSLR to go on offer and grab it! We also got Comet vouchers (electrical shop) so those will go on a deep fat fryer! Gonna be so useful for cooking Chinese and Japanese dinners :)

Oh, and these chocolate covered giant ants. Nom?

My sister ended up with two near identical presents. Basically, my granddad tried to order the second cushion (my brother-in-law is a farmer and my sister is a healthy eating cooking type) but they tried to correct his spelling, and sent him the first one. Haha.

In the evening the hotel was putting on a Las Vegas themed night, which was pretty fun! Here's Mark enjoying the fake money they gave out. We didn't end up betting it. We can't even bring ourselves to risk fake money :p

I only have one party dress at the moment. I think I need to go shopping when Britain is back to normal!

My evening make up and hair consisted of a higher ponytail and thicker eyeliner than the day. Just trying to cover my ill zombie face :p

I've put on 3kg recently, and I was already heavier than I wanted to be. So I'm a little unhappy with my figure.  However fatness seems to improve my face, so IDK. I don't mind being a chubby Gyaru really.

By the way, thanks to everyone who left a nice comment about my dog recently. She's currently trapped by the snow at someone's house. My stepdad is taking his 4x4 to rescue her tomorrow.

Mark and I are supposed to be going to a spa Monday to Wednesday, for our fourth year together. We've already paid for it and no idea if we'll be able to get there. We finally got the heavy snow here that the restof the country got. I'll be sad if we miss it and lose our money >_<


  1. You are really pretty!! ^__^


  2. You look wonderful for some one who is ill, you don't look chubby at all either! Love the outfit.

  3. congrats on four years :)
    everyone always bulks up a little in the's for warmth so we can continue to wear cute outfits!!!

  4. so pretty!!!
    last shot is my fave of you!^^

  5. you look so adorable, I don't notice any chubbiness xP (not that being chub is bad!)

  6. Your lashes are really cute *____*

    Kisses <3<3

  7. lookin' fab even when sick, not bad ;)
    Congrats on 4 years!

  8. Omg. I love your eyes :"> So jealous right now.

  9. Aww you look so cute! :D
    You always do though, you are naturally pop and kawaii ;D hehehe

    theose pillows are great!!

    Hope you can get your dog back safe and sound!