Thursday, 9 December 2010

My top 5 Ameblo Gal blogs

My last post seemed so negative, here's a happier one :p

Here's a few of my favourite Japanese Gal blogs!

My number one is of course Akaharu's Ameblo (あかはる ) because she's my Gal idol! She's a model for Buzz Spunky and appears in Mens Egg Youth a lot.

She was on the Cute! Girls of Town blog recently too:

You can see more pics of her in my blog posts about her ^^


Kanya (かにゃ) is an Egg model. Her blog is really fun, her nights out are crazy!!

Here she is modelling Rejeuna brand for EggStore:

And on a shoot with the lovely Yumachi <3


Misamisa is a 'Jewel' of Cute! Girls of Town. I love her Shibuhara style!

She has interesting eye make up. She uses white on the inner corners to make her eyes seem wider spaced, and black eyeliner on the waterline to make her eyes seem more 'shiny'. The result is quite cute I think :)

Her nose stripe is usually strong. I love that her nails and earrings match!


Retsuchi  (れっち) works at Sby at 109, and she's got a wicked style! I think she's really adorable. She posts lots of tutorials so I love her blog a lot :)

Pic from her eye make up/eyelash tutorial. She uses so many different brands together :)

Her cute style <3
Older photo of her eye make :)


Hikari is an Egg/Popteen model. And she has my favourite name! I want to hate Hikari- she's young, she's adorable, she's 37kg. But she's too damn cute to hate, so I love her XD


I realised I haven't posted a coord in a while, its difficult finding space for the photos at the moment though XD


  1. Ahh this is really nice, I don't really follow the trend but I think Gal blogs are awesome. Cute choices :D

  2. All these gals are cute!!
    Thanks to you, now I have Hikari's blog!!! *stalking her now*

  3. I love this post! I never really check out gal's blogs because I don't know much about the models! Let alone their names keke... I recognize Yumachi though from Kawaii TV! She's sooooooooooo cute <3
    And I can see what you mean about Hikari haha! She reminds me of the gyaru version of Misa from Death Note <3

    Oh, but seeing Misamisa brings a question... can you recommend a good highlighter and technique for applying it? I bought this creamy one from Smashbox, but I really don't like it! It looks like it just sits on top of my makeup, but I don't really see much effect either. Any suggestions? Thanks Georgie! <3

  4. Ooooh~ I never knew about Misamisa, I really love her style. Will definitely check out her blog now.

    As for Hikari, I feel the SAME WAY. Love-hate relationship. She's young, cute, stylish, EVERYTHING. Ugh, hate my life. GIVE ME BACK MY YOUTH. XD

  5. YAY!!!! All these girls are so cute!!! Thanks so much for the links <3

  6. great post - i love akaharu and hikari! ^^

  7. Hikari is my fave she is super cute!

  8. lol~ i love akaharu's OD on blusher! (≧▽≦)

  9. Katie: I'm not happy with the one I have so I'm afraid not >_<
    I've had my eye on a Canmake one though, I'll let you know what it's like if I get it ^^

    Kei: I don't know how she makes her face that bright! XD