Tuesday, 28 December 2010

So, my dog has cancer...

I need to let this out. You don't need to read it. In fact you probably shouldn't, since it's not what you follow my blog for.

I want to put this up as a way of explanation for the lack of new posts, etc.

I have a four year old Westie, called Noodle. I'm very, very attached to her. I got her when I was still living with my parents, and took her with me a little while after moving out. Mark and I have had many jokes from people about how we treat her like our child, and they are kinda right. We do. The three of us are like a little family unit. I have no desire to spawn any time soon, but I'd banked on her living to around 14. Now that's being cut short by an entire decade.

You don't need to know all the details, but the main tumour is located in a very tricky place, and it's Lymphoma, so it's widespread. Basically there's no cure for the type of cancer she has. The vets can only try to extend her life.

I had the choice to leave it and just give her painkillers, and she would die within a month, or give her Chemotherapy. Dog chemotherapy is very gentle, but also very ineffective. Basically it's so gentle, the dog doesn't suffer from being given it but is also not cured. Although there's a 10% chance of dogs living over two years with this treatment, her chances are even lower because of the location of her main tumour.

That's a long way of saying that my healthy looking dog is dying, and I have no idea how long it will take.

Now you're probably thinking, how can someone be so dramatic over a dog? The best answer I can give is that so much of my and Mark's life revolves around her, and she's been there when I've wanted to give up completely. My entire life is being blown apart by this thing.


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  2. Sorry, I had typos...

    I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. I understand the feeling of losing a pet that you treat as your child since I recently lost my cat. I hope Noodle beats the odds and lives a long time because absolutely no one should have to lose a pet in that manner. No one! ):

  3. Poor noodle and georgie (,_,) *hugs you*
    The only thing i can say is to just make lots of beautiful memories with her and cherish every minute.

  4. im so fucking sorry georgie ;~;
    be strong, you and your hubby!
    i really hope noodle gets better...you never know a miracle might happen!!!
    but for now just spend as much time with little noodle as you can, make him never forget that he has a family that loves him unconditionally<3

  5. I am so sorry!!

    Its amazing the love and connection someone can have with a pet. Just remember that he couldn't have had a better life because YOU have loved and cared for him.

    I'll be keeping you and Noodle in my thoughts.

  6. I feel like I can totally relate. My dog is also mine and my boyfriend's baby. I'm so sorry her life is being cut so short, it seems so unfair that something that can bring you so much happiest will be taken away and gone. :( I hope she gets to at least enjoy the rest of the time she has left with you and that she'll be a peace.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Noodle Georgie, that really sucks xxxx

    I dont think any of our words will help, but just stay strong and use what time you've got left.

  8. I can totally relate to how you feel after I lost 2 cats to Cancer :(
    So long as she is remaining to have the enjoyment of life then it's ok, I'm sure you'd not let her suffer and enjoy all the time you can with her!
    We have such an old dog now, just over 15, I dont even want to imagine how things will be if she croaks :'(

  9. i'm soo sorry! =( it must be so upsetting because once you get a dog, it's like they're a part of your family, so it's like losing a family member. i hope all goes well with noodle and that she stays happy. you should stay strong because noodle will be happy when you're happy ^^

  10. I really know how you feel. I lost one of my cats to cancer and it was the most heartbreaking things to ever see because you can see that they're suffering but there's nothing at all you can do to help. All our cats are like our family members so it's really the same as loosing a family member. All you can do is make the time she has left the best and then you'll know that when she's passed on that she won't be suffering anymore. Stay strong! x

  11. A few months after my grandfather died, my cat got run over by a car. She wasn't killed, but the back half of her body was pretty far gone. The vet said they could stabilize her, but she wouldn't never be better and the best option would be to put her down. My mother said it had to be my choice. . . I was 7 at the time. I am an adult now and I have healed mostly from that experience, but I know how painful it can be. I don't think any pet owner would call you dramatic. At the time, Tiger was my best friend. I am sure all of your readers are sending you love and support.

  12. Do not worry! My dog tape-worm cancer and to live very happy many years (mas of those that it was foreseen)
    This way that you have to be to his side and to love him very much!

    Many kisses and that is improved!

  13. Like the comment above me says, I'm one of those readers who sends you love and support, even if it's from a far.

    Even if I feel like saying anything else would be just pointless, I thought it might be a good idea to let you know that there's one more soul wishing your well being, no matter the happenings.