Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year (mini post)

Click pic for full size ^^

I've been feeling restless and hyperactive, so I put my energy into making a new year picture! I used a photo of me as pose reference, but made her a fair bit skinnier! Decided to give her my short legs though!

It'll be the year of the rabbit soon which is my sign! I even have a tattoo of the rabbit looking at the moon. The rabbit lives forever on the moon, either making an elixer of life (Chinese legend) or pounding mochi (Japanese legend.)

I bought a new camera- Canon 500D. It's very big and complicated, I really want to learn to use it well. I also got new better nail plates so maybe I can get some nice pictures of cute nails soon :p

I hope everyone had a great new year! I had a quiet one with my family ^^


  1. Happy new year! ^__________^

  2. Happy new year!!!! Your tattoo is so cute!!! *__*

  3. Happy New Year!
    Yay, one more Canonista! You've got the evolution of my cam (450D) ;D
    (Even though I'm starting to feel tempted by Nikon and Sony lately though)
    And I'm a rabbit too ;) Go rabbits!
    (By the way, I just found out I'm a fire rabbit.
    Do you know what's your element?)

  4. Oh I had no clue you had a tattoo hehe, super sweet and love the picture you drew, om nom mochi