Sunday, 20 February 2011

My two fashions: Gal meet and Fairy Kei haul!

This weekend I met up with some lovely Gals, Niijii, Floz and Caryn! It was a day of Purikura, food, simulator rides,bubble tea and plenty of lewd conversation. My kind of day!

I have a new style of lower lashes. It's the inner corner from the upper lashes I'm using. I'm not allowed nail varnish at work so I just quickly painted them plain ^^;

Outfit, puri etc under jump!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Spank / Fairy Kei shopping sites

What is Fairy Kei? 
Basically, a pastel pop 80's inspired cute fashion. Staples include cute hi tops, leggings with legwarmers or socks over the top, mini skirts/bloomer, character tees/round neck sweaters and lots of cute accessories. All in many slightly clashing pastel colours!
Since images explain so much more than words with fashion, visit these:
Image from Chibiusa's blog, as I think she represents this style perfectly <3