Saturday, 12 February 2011

Spank / Fairy Kei shopping sites

What is Fairy Kei? 
Basically, a pastel pop 80's inspired cute fashion. Staples include cute hi tops, leggings with legwarmers or socks over the top, mini skirts/bloomer, character tees/round neck sweaters and lots of cute accessories. All in many slightly clashing pastel colours!
Since images explain so much more than words with fashion, visit these:
Image from Chibiusa's blog, as I think she represents this style perfectly <3
For a while I've dreamed of mixing Spank! with Gyaru, in the Sby style. Here are some links I've collected as I've been thinking about this :)

Thank you to Fairy Kei Everyday Blog and Zeruda for links. Make sure you visit them^^

Remember: Your first stop should be goodwill/thrift shops/ back of your mum's wardrobe! These are genuinely the things Spank! stock after all :)

Japanese sites - shopping service required

Spank! - Where it all started!

Milk - Lovely girly shop

ACDCRag - 80's pop style brand
Sby - Gal brand with many cute pastel accessories!

Galaxxxy - Very cool 80's style brand
Candy Stripper - Gal brand, but some cute 80's style things.

Cocolulu - Gal brand with some very awesome hi tops!

Chocomint - Cute accessories/homewares

Swimmer -The ultimate pastel cute accessory brand. 

6%DokiDoki - Bright and fun clothes brand

Listen Flavour - Sweet punk

JSG - 80's punk

Japanese sites - international shipping

Mania Q - International shipping and REALLY cute stuff!

Rockshop SOS - Mainly sweet rock but some viable items! Stocks brands such as Listen Flavor

Shirohato - Roomwear which I think could work well for Fairy Kei! They have some Sby stuff. Go to underwear & sleepwear > wome

Nile Perch - Harajuku based shop with very nice tees. They seem to ship internationally now!

Chocomint - International Chocomint shop on Rakuten

Bodyline - cheap shop useful for bloomers, etc

Angelic Pretty - Lolita brand with cute pastel cut sews, etc which sometimes work for Fairy Kei.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Lolita High brand; some items may work for Fairy Kei.

Other Asian sites - shopping service required

Rowky - Very cool 80's retro Korean shop. Love it  >_<

Dolly Berry - Super cute Kroean shop

Other Asian sites - international shipping

Yesstyle - You will need to hunt around but this huge store has lots of good stuff- eg pastel heels, pastel leggings, etc. If you are buying from there you can support my blog and use my affiliate link on the right of my blog ^^

Fancy Pocket - Great source of pastel accessories and deco at cheap prices!!

REFUSE TO BE USUAL - Cute Me Up section has plenty of Fairy Kei stuff, albeit a little expensively.

USA based sites

Junk Food - Nice retro tees!

Journeys - Pastel high-tops! Try Nike and Osiris for some cool colour combos.

European based sites

Truffleshuffle - Very awesome UK based retro tees shop. You can search by series!!

Fabric Rehab - Good source for cute fabrics for customising.

Foot Locker - Sell Big Nike, Pastry, etc (hi tops)

I'm tired so I'll leave it there today, and add more later ^^


  1. Thanks for the links! Yay Fairy Kei!

  2. Thank you darling for the links! ^^<3

  3. According to this list you don't need an agent to shop from Nile Perch or ManiaQ. But I can't find any international shipping option on their site. How do I go about ordering from them? : o

  4. Never mind that. I am so blind! I see now that you order by e-mail x )

  5. There are some other shops you could add here that I've found :) BoysOnlyTeaParty on Etsy and Ku-Ki-Shop are two awesome ones for accessories. Hip Hop Candy is another good one for accessories and they also sell lotions, stationary, and shirts sometimes. HolleyTeaTime and SweetieCakes on Storenvy are two really good accessory/clothes shops.

    There's a lot that's good but it takes a long time and a lot of searching! And thanks for separating these by shipping options too, very helpful <3