Sunday, 20 February 2011

My two fashions: Gal meet and Fairy Kei haul!

This weekend I met up with some lovely Gals, Niijii, Floz and Caryn! It was a day of Purikura, food, simulator rides,bubble tea and plenty of lewd conversation. My kind of day!

I have a new style of lower lashes. It's the inner corner from the upper lashes I'm using. I'm not allowed nail varnish at work so I just quickly painted them plain ^^;

Outfit, puri etc under jump!

This was my outfit!
Hat and scarf: Pink Latte
Tsh: Disney
Jeans: Pink Latte
Jacket: Chinese wholesale
Sneakers: Pastry (bows added by me)

Mark got this really cute photo of Niijii at lunch! Mark couldn't stop about what an amazing person Niijii is after we got home. I have to agree ^^

Facebook has made saving pictures a little more long-winded, but I still grabbed these puri from Niijii's page :3

Crazy face competition :p

We entertained a restaurant full of people with some alley pics! Sadly they were all blurred, but I just loved this one XD

The contrast between my bag (super cheap tacky bodyline) and Floz's amazing Paul's Boutique bag!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I want to talk about another fashion I love. Spank! AKA Fairy Kei. I've always loved pastels and 80's style so... I love Spank! My mum used to tell me off for wearing pastel jumpers and I was wearing legwarmers for years before they were fashionable (my friends grandma knitted them for me!) So this fashion seems perfect for me :)

So I've been accumulating Spank-like stuff recently. I decided not to buy any expensive items at all, but rather try to do it cheap. Since it's my 'second' fashion and I don't know how often I can actually wear this style it's best not to spend too much!

With Spank!/Fairy Kei, it's really important not to over decorate or accessorise. You should have just a few very interesting pastel accessories, rather than a clutter of little ones. So this charm is kind of a risk item. But I love it anyway! From Claire's.

One thing I love about this style is that you can buy kids stuff and kids stuff is cheap! This bag was also from Claire's (younger kids section!)

Too dark/deep colour for the style, but too fun not to buy ^^

These socks were from a very scary warehouse- like shop in Harlow with no proper sign.

The idea of these was... Firstly jelly shoes are often worn by spank girls, and secondly I wanted to show off my pastel socks. But I haven't been able to make them work yet....

Now, something I really love about this style is the opportunity to DIY. I love DIY a lot  and in Gal I haven't had that many opportunities beyond distressing jeans.

I searched high and low for some Pastry hi-tops,and my local TKMaxx had some! I added the bows :3

I found this baby PJ set in QD. I liked the print, but not being a baby, it doesn't fit me.

So I used the print to customise a hoodie! The PJ bottoms I used to make the frill and bow.

I'm still working on putting together outfits in this style, so no outfit shots yet!

PS: In case the anon who posted on Gal Secrets reads my blog-
I've been with my fiance 4 years, and been trying gal style for 1.
He's half Asian, if you really want to know.


  1. You all look so fabulous! and I absolutely love those trainers and the customised hoodie *0*!

  2. <3333 such cute photos, you look adorable!! it was so great to see you and mark yesterday and it's awesome that you're getting into spank style, I know you'll be able to rock it amazingly ^^ xx

  3. Oh you guys look very cute on the meetup, its amazing how much Niijii style changed after he went to Japan again (it was again right?)

    Your fairykei collection is very nice, well picked! I love jelly shoes hehe, and your DIY parka is just perfect ^^

  4. I really like how you customize you clothes :D
    Btw what nail polish are you wearing??

  5. Your blog is very kawaii!
    Please it follows mine, is that I have very few

    He is also of gyaru and that.
    Kisses, wapísima!

  6. Fairy-kei suits you so much :) you look so cute! xx