Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Banana milkshake (Fairy Kei post)

I've been really ill, so I spent my time DIY-ing :)

And since I had nowhere to go, I dressed up fairy kei :)

Bow: DIY
Hoodie: DIY
Shorts: Bodyline
Socks: Tesco
Shoes: JujuJellies
Necklace: Fancypocket

Stupid face is stupid :3

I also tried to dye my hair but...I diluted the dye about five times too much. I'll try again in the morning and show you later XD

I'll do a quick review of Fancypocket. It's a Singapore based shop I've been recommended many times for deco supplies. I thought I would stock up on cheap accessories :3

I thought the shipping was quite quick, under two weeks to get the UK. The packaging was really cute, a pink packet and then shopping bag inside. As for the actual items, I have really mixed feelings. Most were really cute, but some were much smaller than I expected. Anyway, here are my favourite items I bought:

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
teddy scrunchie - poupeegirl

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
sweets necklace - poupeegirl

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
key necklace - poupeegirl

And just for fun, a pic spam of stuff I want. Click for fullsize!

And some Kera scans of outfits I loved! Click for fullsize!

I keep saying I'll do a Gal post soon... But I'm not sure. Pastel Pop is so comforting to me right now ~_~


  1. You look so great in Fairy kei which is so wonderful! I think you should become a fulltime fairy kei girl, it just suits you so well XD

  2. fairy kei is adorably fun! i got bunny years and earmuffs there ^_^

  3. Oh god, you look so cute! :33 I think you should stick with fairy kei, it suits you well!

  4. aaaah!! How did you the bow?? I want one too! *_*
    so cute in fairykei~ it suits your cute image! ^^

    oh no i wish you didn't show me fancypocket because i want to buy so much from there! lol ^A^;;

  5. Love how fairy kei looks on you!!!!! *o* That pink bow is something to die for!!!! *o* So cute!!!!!

  6. Ah, fairy kei is just so cute!! And you made that hoodie youself? :D It's awesome.

  7. Ow really sweet ^^

  8. you are cute even without make! I think you rock fairy-kei look the best! It def. suits you!! just like a spank! girl! <3

  9. You look so cute in fairy kei! I'm just starting to like fairy kei myself.

    I'm very impressed with your DIY items!

  10. I really enjoy your blog, so I have chosen it for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  11. I like so much your cute blog, so I also have chosen it for the Versatile Blogger Award (smile)

  12. Oh my, so lovely!
    Where did you get that cuper cute scrunchies btw?~