Sunday, 27 March 2011

Opened an Etsy shop!

Let the spamming commence XD

My Etsy shop is Sweets Kanpai, and it is dedicated to providing affordable Fairy Kei items :)

Here's just a couple of the things for sale at the moment~

Remake shorts

Resin duck necklace

Fleecy bow

Remake puppy tsh

Remake kitty tsh

I also had a Fairy Kei shoot, with a local photographer, Thomas Day. He put up a sneak peak on his blog! Can't wait to show you all the rest of the shoot. He was really great to work with, really relaxed and even took time to teach Mark and I about lighting, photoshop and lenses! We'll be going to him for some couple shots soon!

By the way, I started a tumblr. I don't totally get it yet, but it's very addictive. Anyway, please follow me for Gyaru, Fairy Kei, cute food and dogs!


  1. Everything's so cute >w<
    Especially the last photo of you in the purple wig!
    Fairy kei really suits you~!

  2. Oohhh very interested I will have to be getting myself a fleecy bow from you eventually! <3

  3. super cute stuff~~! i'll be sure to check it out ^3^

  4. you look really cute ^_^ good luck to your business hihi ^_^

  5. Wow you really produced some great items, very professional looking! Good luck on your business^^

  6. Cute!! I want~~ but i promised myself not to buy anymore until i get income T_T

    oooooh can't wait to see your photoshoot pics!!