Friday, 25 March 2011

All about Amekaji

What's this? A Gal post? XD

I wanted to talk about my favourite Gal related style, Amekaji. It's a style which doesn't seem that well understood/appreciated, so I wanted to have a go at explaining it!

Amekaji literally means 'American casual' so you'd be forgiven for thinking it means casual wear as worn by Americans. It's very much not that! Amekaji is very bright, fun style inspired by a fictionalised image of America. An America where everyone is a surfing, camper van driving baseball fan who eats nothing but burgers and says nothing but "yo" and "radical". And it's also very cute!

After all, I've never seen Americans styled like this! (click for full size)

Think about like Mori girl fashion. Mori means forest, so Mori girls are girls of the forest. But, if they really did live in the forest, they'd look very different. It's a romanticised image.

Can American wear Amekaji? It seems difficult, as Amekaji is based on Japanese youth having a rosy, unrealistic image of America, but I think it's possible as long as you always think, how might a Japanese teen who had never been to America think a sporty, surfer American teen would dress? And totally ignore current trends.

The staples of Amekaji: (click to enlarge)

Amekaji can be forgiving on larger figures, but try to keep things reasonably loose fitting to keep the look accurate. As with all Gal styles, getting your make up right will go a long way in making your look. There's no place for 'natural' make up here, it would just remove the Gal element from your look, and you'd look very strange!

You don't need to order all your clothes from Japan to dress Amekaji, but I'd recommend getting a few statement pieces from somewhere like Cocolulu

When shopping in Western shops, try to find bright clothes with a Engrish-y print. Tees with random US cities printed on are very easy to find in the UK for example. I like to get my Amekaji tees from the teen boy section of Primark XD

For jeans, consider buying mens jeans, which are suprisingly small in the hip so should stay up on most girls!

Here are soem Jpanese shops!


Blue Moon Blue

Buzz Spunky



Cheer - 80's rave style but many items will work for Amekaji!


  1. I've never seen anybody dress like this here in America so it's so funny that this type of fashion statement has been created xD;;; it's really i think more of an california-inspired style since you really can't find surfing more than you do here in cali~~

    I like Amekaji though! i think its super cute~~

  2. I really like this sub style of gyaru! its kind of the fun and colorful side. I would really like to see more western gyarus wearing it ^^ if you have some outfits post them please C:

  3. I really like this sub style as well cos they use so many colors! Even tho I live in California I never really see anyone wear something like this haha x)

  4. I like their style and colors :))

  5. Amekaji suits you so well!

    It's all a little too brightly coloured for me though, I much prefer darker colours! :D!

  6. I love amekaji its so colourful and happy!! and your amekaji take is also super cute!! >w<
    I want to try this for the happy mood it has~

    Oh and thank you for your comment, made me feel veryvery happy ;_; I hope spring makes it better *prays* >.<

  7. love love this fashion style ^.^ so funky and colourful!!

  8. What other shops in the UK could you reccommend?