Thursday, 14 April 2011

My beauty products!

I realised today that I've totally neglected beauty on my blog! So here's a quick post on the products I use.

I've made a huge beauty order on Gmarket (Etude House, Tony Moly and Baviphat) so I'll be reviewing those when they arrive too :)


Soap and Glory Flake Away
I got this for Christmas from my sister, and it's a really good exfoliator! Perfect for pre-fake tanning!

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze
I buy this because it's reasonably affordable, haha. Always mix it with some cheap body lotion before using, and I get okay results, not streaky but not the best colour. Then again, I tend to go orange with real tan too, so I'm not too fussed.

Palmers Cocoa Butter
Gorgeous smell, cheap and unbeatable moisturiser, I love this stuff!

Daily facial care

Boots Botanics pore perfecting foaming face wash
I have trouble with acne (my mum still has it, so I think I always will do) and this is really good for getting a deep clean, but calming my skin at the same tiem. Scrubs agitate my skin and make the problem worse, but this one is really gentle yet makes my skin feel really clean and refreshed!

Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream
Because of my acne, it's difficult to find a day cream which won't clog the skin. I'm going to start trying BB cream, but in the mean time I like this day cream, because it's very light but helps my make up go on nice! My skin gets very dry sometimes because I'm trying to fight the acne, but this helps with that a lot.

Emergency facial care

Champneys SOS mask
If I need to clear my skin when it's really bad, I use this. It's really strong stuff, and does actually sting a little, but it really works. IT doesn't dry my skin either, leaves it quite soft.

No. 7 Total Renewal
This is my Microdermabrasion. This is for if I have somewhere to be the next day and have blackheads, or if I have acne scars. It takes the top layer of skin off, and the skin will glow afterwards! However, it leaves me very prone to acne after using, so it's only if I urgently want good skin for one day >_<

Sanctuary Facial Oil
For wrinkles, I use this on the morning of a shoot :)


Canmake Bubble Grape
Bought this in Pink Latte, really love it! It's a super sweet artificial grape scent, like sweets!

Nails - I have too many to share, so here are my favourite two

Gosh Magic Star
Fun to layer over other colours, it has a really fine glitter :)

Barry M
I can't wear nail varnish to work, so I need something which goes on easy, and I can wear in one layer since I'll have to take it off again in two days. This one is perfect for that, I love it <3

Make up - part 1 (I do my make up strictly in three stages, I have OCD.)

Estee Lauder Nutritious Mineral powder
It's so good at calming my skin, and makes my skin tone look really even! When I wear this, people tell me I have good skin, and I really don't so I tend to think this is miricle make up XD

Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation
I only wear this under my powder if I'm going to be photographed. It's a bit harsh for my skin ^^;

Gosh touch up
Simple concealer

No7 Instant Radiance Concealer
I used to buy Babor concealer, but I don't have that luxury any more! This one is ok at covering my dark circles, but not as good as the Babor one!

Make up part two

Barry M Blusher number 2
Love this blusher, it's truly pink!

New id blusher
Had this maybe 5 years? I love the tone, very light sweet pink. I use it as a base blusher, then add the stronger Barry M one on top.

Elizabeth Arden Eye Fix
To keep all my eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyelashes in place :)

Bourjois little round pot
For highlighting! I love Bourjois quality, this white really shows up well.

Make up part three

Elizabeth Arden powder eyeliner
I use this for my lower eyeliner, to get a nice soft line.

Unknown eyelash glue
It's actually double eyelid glue. It comes with eyelashes I order from Taiwan on Ebay, and it's super strong stuff! It's rollercoaster and water ride proof :)

Rimmel Eyeliner
Anyone got liquid eyeliner recommendations? Something really black? I just use this cos it's cheap!

Boots own brand, I only bought it because it was cheap!

Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker
Plumpening lipgloss! Love it :)

I keep my eyelashes a secret, sorry :p

I was feeling down the other day, so my boyfriend bought me this Easter Hello Kitty! I was really happy ;_;


  1. wow such nice beauty stuff ♥
    Does the money arrived ?

    I spazzed when I saw it haha~

    I like this post! I have waaay to many beauty products now that I think about it...I definitely need a clear out. How is the Sublime Bronze stuff? I want to start tanning again but as mine is all fake (no sunbed for me!) it's always difficult getting the best one to look non orange and stuff! >.<

  3. Caro: emailed you~

    It's from Tesco, they do a big one too! I liked it cos it looked really Spank lol

    It's pretty orange, but I'm not sure if it's just that I'm always orange! I always dilute it though ^^;

    I wish sunbeds were safe!!! arg lol

  4. Aw, such great items! ^^ thanks for sharing!

    I'm not a big fan of grape scents, but the perfume bottle is so cute!

  5. I love this post, through and through! I never would have ever thought you had acne! Your skin always looks so nice, I'm really surprised! I think I'm going to buy some of that Cocoa Butter cream lotion. I think I had some at my house, but I never tried it. I recently heard that cocoa butter is really good if you have chicken skin (or maybe I just have ingrown hairs all over my legs, eww!) so I really want to try it out. Plus my hands have been SUPER dry lately eek ><

    HAHA I'm so happy you ordered from G-Market!! Obviously I'm addicted, so I'm glad the addiction [will soon] spread muhahahaa! I wish I knew you were looking for a good eyeliner before you placed your order though. The Peripera liner I bought = LOVE. I really loved my L'Oreal liner I had, but I think my sister threw it away on accident, but it did flake off after some time. My Peripera is really long-lasting and doesn't fade! If you make another G-Market order in the future, I highly recommend it :) I'll make a review of it soon too ^^

    Ohh I thought I recognized that Flake Away! scrub! I never got around to reading Suzi's blogpost about it, now I want it seeing two good reviews from trusted gals! They sell Boots in Target, I wonder if I can find this there? The best scrub I tried was this lemon and dead sea salt scrub I got at a mall booth with lotion for like $50, but SO worth it! I need a knew scrub, badly! ><

  6. Forgot to comment one more thing, as if I didn't write enough! :P

    DARN! I was hoping for a makeup tutorial, LOL! I can understand though, your lashes are always SO darn cute! I'll have to stick to gyaru magazine scans, but then I have to learn how to properly apply them first lol

  7. It's your fault I got addcited to Gmarket you know! Your blog tempted me ;_;

    I'm looking forward to your review on the Peripera eyeliner!

  8. HAHAHA! Let the G-Market addiction spread!! >:D

    Make sure if you review your order to enter your blog in the Top Bloggers event!! I re-entered, but I don't know if you're allowed the chance to win twice in a row lol. Doesn't hurt to try though ^^

    Here's the peripera page!!

  9. WOW many things!! but de kitty is the best!! lovely!

  10. your blog is so cute .. check out mine