Wednesday, 20 April 2011

First Gmarket haul - reviews!

Just a week after ordering, my stuff from Gmarket arrived!

Look at the size of the box!! And as usual of Gmarket, it was only a 1/3 full ^^;

If you're thinking of ordering from Gmarket for the first time, my advice is to learn the Korean 'alphabet'. Unlike Chinese or Japanese Kanji, it's phonetic, and quite easy to learn. There's not too many sounds and it's very logical, it's easier than you think! Once you know it, you can use the option selection much easier. For example, your item is pink. So when you see 핑크, you know that's pronounced ping-keu, so you can pick your item! Most colours seem to be written with English pronunciation, but for a full list of Korean colours, check Carissa's fab blog! 

My second order has shipped too, which is my beauty haul. This haul was a random mix of impulse buys ^^;

Sugarfun - Minishop here

I bought three items from this seller, and was really happy with them! The name suits them perfectly, everything is cute and fun. I already have a when-I-lose-weight wishlist of stuff from them...

Yellow skirt - (leggings listing, option C_골드핏스커트 )
I was so delighted with this! I ordered it in an L and the fit is perfect (I'm a UK8-10 hip.) To be honest, I was expecting the quality to be very cheap since it was only $5.60 but it's great! Soft denim and not too short. I'm ordering more colours!

NY tsh - (Tsh listing, option B_NY티 )
These was my least favourite of the three things I ordered from Sugarfun, it's extremely soft, so much so you can't see the print so well. But very nice anyway, and a nice cut. I couldn't resist the funny print ^^;

Comics sweater (seems to be sold out??)
Really nice quality, I'm so happy with it!

Skinnyskin phone case for HTC wildfire/Desire Pop ( listing here )

I left most of the front part off, but the back is really cute. Came with a riciculous number of electrics and internet services vouchers.

Care bears toilet slippers ( listing here )

I can't resist Care Bears goods >_<

Headphones ( listing here )

I've been lusting after headphones like this for years, but couldn't face paying £30 for them. So when I found them cheap on Gmarket, I grabbed them!

birdcage wall sticker ( listing here )

I bought this in gray for our bedroom. The plastic you use to put it up was really sticky, and we had trouble getting it neat! I think it's ok though :)

ballet slippers wall sticker ( listing here )

A cute decal for my spare room! I think I'll use this seller again for my decal needs :p

 I also ordered a 'baby in the car' sticker for my pregnant sister :)

The decal on the right came with the Baby one, and the one on the left was a free gift :)

I'll be back in a few days with my beauty haul :)


  1. Such a HUGE box!! :O
    How was the shipping for this?
    I love the NY Tshirt hehe the material looks so comfortable

  2. OMG OMG OMG I love that phone case! * O * SO CUTE~!!

    I love everything you got! Such wonderful colors too! ^^

    I've never heard of Gmarket but I'll def check them out!

  3. Sami: Shipping was about £20 :)

    Mika: You should! It can be a bit overwhelming at first, the way the shopping pages are laid out, but it's worth it :)

  4. Cute haul! I'm super stoked for your beauty haul :D
    Did you leave feedback for the sellers yet?? Be sure to do that within a week of dispatch so you can get extra g-stamps!

    Ohh the headphones! I remember they sold those same ones (not same brand, but exact same style) at Fry's Electronics for like, $10. I figured they'd be terrible quality and be more for show, but now I kinda regret not buying them heehee.

    I LOVE wall decals! If only I had a room to decorate hahaha I remember I had Beauty & The Beast decals when I was a kid :DD <333 The bird cages are just so freaking cute, I can't get over it omg >wwww<

  5. The shoe in front of the it from Mackays? If so, I have them too!

    Cute the bird cage decal the most <3

  6. Um... Next actually... Embarrassingly!

  7. Lol the stickers so adorable!
    I also love care bear flops. Nice loot Georgie.