Thursday, 28 April 2011

Second Gmarket haul (mostly beauty)

This order was pretty much only beauty products :)

The box was pretty small, and surprisingly for Gmarket, nearly full XD

My order took a week to arrive, which I thought was pretty good! No customs charge! But one item became out of stock and was cancelled. It's ok though, I'll use the store credit :p

I did decide to buy a sweater from Deep Purple as well as my beauty things. It's ok, a little thin but soft and comfortable. I don't think it will survive being washed many times ^^;

I also bought a hoodie for Mark, from here. It's also a little thin but not bad. He was very happy with it :)

Here are my things from Etude House:

Vivid Long Eyelashes: These really are super long! I'm not sure how they will look ^^;

Heart nail varnish: There's not many hearts in it.... But I'm excited to try it anyway!

Happy Teatime foaming facial cleanser(Peachtea): I'm in LOVE with this! The smell is so lovely, and it has a really nice thick foam. You only need a tiny bit to get lots of thick creamy lather. My face felt super refreshed but not dried at all after using it. Plus, the bottle is really big so it'll last a long time! I definitely recommend Happy Teatime :)

Princess 3D mask in Honey and Milk: Yet to try, since I risk making my skin congested using conditioning masks ^^;


 Baviphat. Baviphat always reminds me of Benefit with its retro-cute packaging. They have a really big range of stuff on Gmarket.

Mirror: I bought one and got one as a free gift with the BB Cream. Guess what will be going in my next giveaway XD

Naughty Girls Blush: It's a cream blush, nice colour and blends smoothly but just not strongly pigmented enough for me!

Magic Girls BB Cream ( for oily skin): Love it! Not too shiny result, feels very light and the colour is really good. One complaint though: the tube feels half empty even when new!!

Nail varnish with star glitter: I had to use a lot of get the glitter onto my nails! It was cheap anyway...


Last but not least Tony Moly! I love the Tony Moly style, there's so much cute packaging. And they sent me four different samples!

Eyelashes: These look so cute in the package but kinda weird on me... lol

Secret BB Cream in Natural: It's a lot heavier than the Baviphat one, I'm not sure I'll wear it. Anyone want a used-only-once BB Cream??

Natural Bubble soap bar in Oriental Herbs: Not sure what the bubble bit means, it's not very lathering. But I love the soap. It's got a very strong herby smell, possibly too strong for some people. But the texture is really nice. I much prefer soap to shower gel so I'm happy I got this.

Sample of Expert Collagen BB Cream: I might buy this if it isn't whitening. A little heavy, but very smooth. My skin is in very good condition the next day after using this!

I haven't tried the other samples yet!

(All three of those brands you can buy from Yesstyle if you don't want the hassle of buying from Gmarket, but it will cost a fair bit more. If you are using Yesstyle, please support my blog and use my affiliate link on the right! )

I was going to post a before and after with the BB cream, but the before was just... horrid. So here is my attempt at 'natural' make up.

So here is Baviphat Magic Girls BB Cream. It really evened out my skin tone and made my pores less pronounced. As you can see, it didn't totally cover my acne but it's not too bad. Although I am wearing blusher in this photo, which makes my skin look clearer than it is.

I was also wearing the Tony Moly outer corner eyelashes. I think they look very weird on me, too 'wide'. You can't really see that in this photo, but straight on my eyes had mysterious wings ^^;

(Other make up in the photo: Clinique mascara, Elizabeth Arden powder eyeliner, Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker gloss)

I'm so unsure about natural make up on me. But I guess it's useful sometimes ^^;

I ordered from Gmarket again! More clothes and beauty...eek. So expect more reviews soon!

Edit: Very poor photo of my nails with the Etude House polish over a grey base:


  1. Omfg that Peko-chan Milky Jumper..-dies of want- such an interesting haul!!! You are slowly becoming addicted to Gmarket I think XD!

  2. Nice purchases. Though your haul is not helping me in trying to resist the urge to order from gmarket ^^;

    Also, you look lovely!

  3. I love that Milky piece! ^^ so cute!

    I don't really like natural makeup on myself per say, but it looks so pretty on you! ^^

  4. Aw lovely haul!!! I think you look great with natural make up, very fresh faced, you have the skin for it. <3

  5. Hey~
    I want to aks you something about the clothes. If you have a european XS or S is it a XS or S in this shop, too? Or habe I take a M, because it's all a bit smaller?

    Sorry for bad english, hope you understand my question xD

  6. Awww I love all the things~(´∀`)

  7. Aww you look so cute! Natural works on anyone ^^ Your eyes are SOOOOO pretty *___* I get lost in them haha ~<3

    YAYYYY! I'm SO happy you got the Etude House cleansing foam, same as me! Isn't it great?? I use it everyday, I'm so in love :D And you got the nail varnish <33 I gave mine to my sister, so I don't know if it's any good... please let me know what you think! Also update on the eyelashes :DD I got the natural ones, and besides being super hard to apply, they just completely blend into my lashes XD; I'm curious about the longer ones.

    Make sure you enter your blog into G-Market's monthly blog contests!! :OO

  8. Cuuute! I love the hoodie for Mark; "Compost happens" wtf haha!

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  10. Such an awesome haul!!

    I'm super jealous about the Etude House stuff xD It reminds me of the time I passed an Etude House on holiday but I didn't go in to look D: We hadn't exchanged money and was actually on the way to do so so I thought I'd go in on the way back to browse and maybe pick up a few things. By the time we walked back Etude House was closed ; __ ;

    And about the natural look, you totally rock it!

    I typo'd a lot in the last comment so sorry for the delete ^^"

  11. Poo-tan: I go two sizes up for Korean clothes, I'm a UK S, and always go for L and it's been good so far. So I'd recommend an M for you.

    (For some reason I only need to go up one size with Japanese clothes, I find that weird!)

  12. It made me think of benefit too !
    I'd love to try etude house's products beacause ... I love the stars that they hire XD
    Nice blog, kisses from France <3

  13. lovely Items^^!

    Nice blog, i add you^^. if you want visit me--->

  14. O my god so much beautiful! Love the kittey! :P
    and buy the way, you have really lovely hair and eyes:O

  15. I love i all, very very cute <3 The sweater especially =D
    Please visit my blog, I would appreciate the comments, and will follow back every new follower! Thanks =D