Thursday, 16 June 2011

Modelling stuff

Modelling seems too strong a word... Recently I've been standing in front a camera for various people, and here are some photos from it!

My first shoot didn't go too well. So I won't bother with photos from that one ^^;

My second shoot was with a very nice local photographer, Thomas Day. Our location fell through so we kinda improvised. The theme was Fairy Kei, but unfortunately only the bow is from my shop :p

Image copyright Thomas Day (PP by me)

My next shoot was a joint shoot with Koneko! She's a natural model! But the photographer still made time to shoot me, haha. The photographer was Mark of Clickdoubleclickbangbang. I was very impressed with the studio, light and roomy and with fantastic tech going on! The photographer was very relaxed and nice to work with. I was feeling very under par that day but somehow he took some great pics! The dress is Bodyline :)

Images copyright Clickdoubleclickbangbang (PP by me)

My next shoot was with a photography student, Dale . It was a fun casual shoot!

Wig is from Bodyline!

My most recent shoot was with Yat, a self-taught photographer who now helps others learn photography in his spare time. I felt very honoured to be shot by him :)

I'm taking a little break from modelling, as I'm getting more and more work in the factory. But I do really enjoy it >_<


  1. You're so beautiful! All the photos are amazing <3

  2. Lovely! Your hair and make look flawless, I can't decide which I liked best! May I ask where you got the pink shirt with black stars?

  3. Such amazing pictures! My favorite is the pink wig with headphones!! So cool~ It looks just like an anime!

  4. Very nice pictures! I really admire your style :D

  5. Wow, cute photos! ^^ Your eye colour is really nice.

  6. Great pictures, you're so pretty! Your skin looks flawless *_*