Saturday, 18 June 2011

Kera July 2011 picks ( plus Nicola June 2011! )

This post is just my picks of brands and photos from July's Kera and June's Nicola :)

First up, Kera!

The first two pages are ads for wig company Lapin D'or. The wigs look really pretty! I especially like the look of this wavy wig! There's also wig styling tips on their site, such as this cute Lolita look!

The ad shows a very simple but sweet wig.

I'm loving the gradated shorts from Mania Q. Their stuff always looks so huggable. If I wear it, will people want to hug me?

An adorable print from Angelic Pretty! You can find the Toy Fantasy Jumperskirt in pink here.

Listen Flavour go adorably overboard on hair accessories! By the way, their earthquake appeal tee is too cute not  to buy! Low stock though.

Onto make up! These are Eyemazing 501 lashes. Cute or what??

This amused me- super expensive AP Honey Cake dress with cheapie ABC Mart hi-tops. It doesn't really work but still somehow cute XD

These Swimmer moccasins are painfully cute ;_;

Milklim's Pastel Pop perfection ;_;

A cute room and fits this girl's style~

More street snaps!

Nicola next ^^

So many Hello Kitty in bunny costumes! But these were my favourite:

Pink Latte! My favourite brand! I really love their Harajuku store.

Sooo many things I want to buy >_<