Monday, 27 June 2011

Personal post + mini DreamV review

I realised I haven't posted any self shots in a while. So here's one :3

I bought a new cheap bronzer, I'm quite happy with the look! However I totally forgot to put on mascara before taking the photo. Never mind XD

I'm very busy planning my wedding recently. I kinda didn't realise how complicated weddings really are... Especially when you're trying to sort out travel arrangements for the family and they won't even answer emails @_@

Anyway, I'm going to buy my dress in Tokyo this October, and Mark will get his suit. Niijii is helping us with that :)

I got rats recently. They are really shy though... Don't know how to tame them without traumatising them. The grey one is Mejiro and the black one is Kanda. They are named for Yamanote stops, cos we are geeks for the Yamanote line.

I'm starting a diet too, since I put on a lot of weight recently. My plan is to fill up on low calorie comfort food, like congee and mashed root vegetables. I'm bad with cutting back on fatty food, which is how I got too heavy in the first place. I have no discipline at all!

So I got lots of this instant congee from Longdan Vietnamese supermarket in Kingston. It's super filling and tasty and only 180calories!
I've seen lighter diet congee on, but I think those wouldn't fill me up.

I was very impressed with Longdan, it was very nice and lots of choice. I managed to get all the Korean and Japanese seasonings I wanted! However, they had the tiniest choice of snacks ;_;

Because I have no self control, it's very hard for me to diet. I really enjoy eating, especially big bowls of comfort food, fast food and snacks. So I'm trying to use distraction to help me survive on healthy food. When I want a snack, I will make tea or have a nice bath.

I ordered a big amount of bath powders from Rakuten, can't wait to get them! Will review them too :)

. . .

While shopping on Rakuten, I decided to try DreamV / Yumetenbo for the first time. I planned a big review with outfit shots but I was so disappointed I decided not to...

I can't fault their service- I got my parcel within days of ordering, and it's so simple to order with credit card too. Shipping was 3,000 Yen for 7,000Yen worth of stuff. I find that part ok, since I'm not paying a service fee.

However my big disappointment was the quality. The prices are cheap, but the quality is lower than the price in my opinion.

My first item was these ruffle shorts in mint
These I felt were worth the price. They are very cheap after all. Very light and thin material, but ok.

This ribbon t-shirt was just bad (got it in white)
Rough edges and the laced ribbon is too long, so it sticks out of the holes all weirdly.

I got these skinny jeans in lavender
These weren't too bad, but I only ordered them in L and I think an LL would have been better. I only need to lose a little weight to fit them though. Maybe it will motivate me XD

I got these polka dot culottes in white
Really cheap and horrible material. I don't think I can wear them at all >_<

And these gingham shorts
Biggest disappointment because they were the item I wanted most. Very nasty material and just not nice at all..

Overall, I don't think I'll order there again. Gmarket is similar price but nicer quality!!


  1. You look adorable! <3 (as do your rats *0*!)

    Thats a shame about your DreamV order D:! I've never had a problem from them like that before ><!

  2. your eyes is so beautiful! :D:D

  3. You can make congee by rice !_! but i guess that old fashioned method takes too long.

    Not to mention you were in Kingston!!? I live near(ish) there, we could have met up!! :D

    When is your wedding?

  4. Oh I wish I could give you some advice about your cute rats, my friend and her sisters raised many pet rats but I don't really talk with her anymore TT

    So far I've had an OK experience with yumetendo, but I've only bought a couple items from them. Generally in my experience I find Japanese clothing to always be lower quality than the price...TT Sorry to hear it was disappointing!

  5. you look so pretty & cute! (: Your eyelashes still look so long w/o mascara~

    & your rats are so cute XD My hamster is a bit shy too! ): I want it to learn how to eat out of my hand~

  6. Rats are so cuuuute! I just got a new hamster and he screeches at us when we try to pick him up, but he's fine once out xP

    Your make-up style is so pretty!

    And man I know what you mean about food. I've never tried to diet, but when I think about cutting out junk it makes me want to eat it even more! I'm always the one snacking on chocolate in lectures and my friends look at me murderously because they're all on diets bahaha *omnom* Good luck with it though!

  7. You look very cute :) Don't lose too much weight tho!
    Good luck on wedding organizing, hehehetry not to get too stressed, remmember what it's for!
    Dont worry about rats being shy, they will soon going to get used to u and soon will be owning your house and you lol! Just feed em and stroke behind their ears, mine loved it ^_^

  8. OO~ I've been dieting lately as well. My downfall is bread, not snacks. Hope you succeed!

    I have those frilly shorts in mint, too! They are VERY see through. I've had a couple items come and be bad quality, but I find that the dresses are usually a higher quality than everything else. All the shirts and such I've gotten have just been janky! But, all the dresses have been good quality material and detailed.
    You just have to really look at the pictures hard and try to judge. That, and stay away from anything that looks shiny in the pictures.

  9. Mascara or no mascara, you still look cute~!

    Follow from what Kei said, I think you should try making congee. You can get rice cookers that has a congee mode so it takes less time to make it :D It'd be healthier too~!

    Good luck with wedding planning!!

  10. I make congee for dinner nearly every week (rice addiction), but I wanted something to have at work for lunch. There's no fridge there for me to put leftovers in so it's not a convenient thing to bring! All my lunches have to be something you just put boiling water in XD

  11. Wooo rice addicts unite XD !

    Ahhh my bad then ^^" Try not to eat too much instant stuff's bad for you *wags finger*. At least that's what I've been brought up to think . _ . lol! Hope the diet goes well :D

  12. You're so pretty! ^_^ I don't think you need mascara lol

  13. I hope your family finally answer ; ))

    cheers !

  14. G-market is definitively better!
    I am following your blog, visit mine some time :)

  15. You're so pretty! What falsies are you wearing? I'm a new follower btw - mind following me back? :D

  16. Hello! Ive been addicted to your blog the past few days. You're made of all kinds of win. How wierd i got rats not that long ago too! How are yours doing? Mine look almost exactly the same as yours too except Tokyo my grey hooded has a white blaze up his nose. They started off super scared but they love coming out for free roam time now! XD ive been really interested in Yumetenbo recently too but instead of buying their stuff im going to have a go at making some myself. The ruffle shorts and an adorable school style dress i want to make. If you're interested in that ill be writing about them on my blog :D