Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bath powders mini haul (Rakuten)

This was my second Rakuten order, and I'm pretty pleased! The only problem was a HUGE customs charge. I kinda resent paying customs on bath salts. But it was worth it :)

I ordered from IMaster, but there are a lot of shops selling bath salts on Rakuten. IMaster did ship my stuff quickly though! Here is the whole category for bath powders.

 Back: Ginger honey sweat bath, Brown sugar honey Roman bath, Sweets bath pack
Front: Cypress bath,  Blue moon bath, Hot Milk bath, Honey soap.

Review under cut~

Contents of Sweets pack - melon fizzer, strawberry milk candy bath salt, caramel pudding bath salt.

I tried Blue Moon bath first. It has a really beautiful sophisticated scent. Floral, but not over sweet and a hint of spiciness. Totally relaxing, and very blue!

Next I tried the Brown Sugar Honey from Roman Bath series. This one is a really overpowering scent. It didn't remind me of honey, but of pure pollen and nectar. A really heady scent, so next time I will only use a minimal amount. There was something about the scent which took me back to Japan, it must be a floral scent that's not used in England. It's strongly coloured yellow. I really love this one!

The Cypress and Hot Milk bath are herbal bath mixes and come in a little permeable bags you put in the bath.  When I ordered them I had visions of Spirited Away and strong herbal scents but actually they are very subtle. The scents are nice, but not strong enough for my taste. Plus, at the end of your bath you get this to fish out:

As for the Sweets Pack, it looks very cute but the scents are subtle. The Strawberry Milk makes the bath nice and pink though! I might include some of these in my next giveaway and see what others think :3

It's summer so I haven't tried the Ginger sweat bath yet, all I can say is it smells strong! I'll use it when I get a cold I think~

I also got this Melliesh blush in my order, it's a really cute lilac-pink :)

Next post will probably be magazine picks :)

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  1. nice! I don't take a bath that often, even though I have allot of bath supplies:) may be I should try again :)

  2. Oooo lovely, I am so addicted to bath salts/bombs now hehe :D

  3. Pretty blue bath. They all sound so soothing!