Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gmarket mini beauty haul! + Chinatown restaurant review

I ordered a few other things but only photographed the beauty stuff :p

Tony Moly first off. Minishop here!

All the sachets are gifts, including a face mask and some Appletox. The pepper things seem to be for a 'hot body', haha.

The little round brown thing is chocolate scented soap! I haven't used it yet but I hope it's as nice as the Tony Moly soap I had before! The tube is Pure Angel Amy BB Cream. At 5,000Won it's pretty cheap, and so far I'm pleased with it, my skin feel very soft and it calmed it a lot. And it's not too heavy, either.

The bunny shaped thing is a lipstick! The colour was stronger than I expected but very nice. The little peach girl is a lovely lipgloss. It's peach scented and perfect for the handbag :)

Now, Etude House!

They gave me a big box of cotton wool pads as a gift with this. I thought I'd try a new Vitafoam, haven't used it yet so can't say what it's like! The little pink bottle is handcream for my bag, and it really smells like strawberry lollipops! I got the little peach panda handcream for my friend who is a nurse (occupational hazard of dry hands!), as hers is running out.

The Happy teatime face wash is Green Tea, as I heard it's the one to use for trouble skin. Not as lovely scented as Peach tea though.

The bottle is Peach Allover spray. It's a body spray but the bottle suggests to use it as a room or shoe spray. It has a lovely and sophisticated scent.

I also ordered some Gatsby for Mark from this shop.

It came packaged so cutely, with free gifts of coffee and some Missha samples. So sweet :)

While I'm here, I'd also like to share a restaurant I enjoyed in London's Chinatown. It's called Golden Day and is on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Gerrard Place. Their speciality is Hunan cuisine.

Googling it now, I found some very negative reviews, and I can't say I agree with all of them. This is a true Chinese comfort food restaurant - lots of fat and chilli and dishes served over flames to keep them boiling hot at your table. It's the kind of place I crave on snowy days. But it's very expensive in comparison to other Chinatown restaurants. Each dish seems to cost a lot, but they are also huge, for sharing only. I don't think you could eat alone here.

We were sat in a little alcove, but despite being hidden away the service was excellent. Our teapot was checked every few minutes and the food arrived extremely quickly. The staff were happy to answer questions about the dishes and reduced the chilli for us!

We ordered the Mao style pork and even though I usually avoid pork it was really yummy. Very fatty, but with melt in the mouth tender meat! However my favourite dish was the dry pot mushrooms with pork:

It comes over a flame which boils away the sauce as you are eating. It was amazingly tasty, but way too much for two people! The mushrooms were really flavourful and the pork was soft. It's got lots and lots of chilli, so it's good with boiled rice to cool it down a bit :)

I looked strangely depressed in this photo hence the censorship! As you can see we simply couldn't eat it all, next time we'll bring more people :)

Edit: Forgot to mention! I'm getting together a 300 follower giveaway! I'm kinda broke but I'll try to make it good anyway :)


  1. very cute! and the food looks so delicious! :O

  2. I really want to order from GMarket as well but their shops are so incredibly difficult to navigate (at least for me *laughs*) xD
    And I've got the same face wash lotion like you! Mine is milktea though, but still don't they small good? I really like it :D

  3. Hello. :3 My name is Alyssa~.

    I love the packaging of the products, especially the bunny lipstick and the kitties on the BB cream. :D

    I also like sharing meals at restaurants. :D Pork in asian food is so amazingly delicious~. :9

  4. What a cute haul! Gaah the lipstick...it's too adorable >w<
    Congrats on getting nearly 300 followers. Keep up the good work :D