Saturday, 17 September 2011

300 Follower mini giveaway! Naming contest- closed!

Contest closed, picking a winner now :)

It's just a mini giveaway for now, maybe I'll do a bigger one for 360 followers :)

Included: Estee Lauder make up brush set, Strawberry chocolate mirror, cherry keyring, Strawberry Milk candy bath powder, Caramel Pudding bath powder, Melon Soda bath fizzer, Tony Moly Vitamin face mask, Tony Moly body firming gel sample.

Rules are a bit different this time!

1) You need to be a follower to enter

2) You don't need to share a link to the giveaway anywhere, though it would be nice :)

3) You get up to two 'guesses', but please put them in one comment!

4) To win, name my new doll! If I can't pick a winner my boyfriend will pick. It can be silly and cute, your name, your favourite food.... Just pick something you like the sound of :)

5) If the same name was posted twice and it won, I'd pick the earlier one, so please ctrl+f before you comment!

6) I'm planning to run this until Monday, but it could run longer if there's not enough entries ^^;

7) Winner will be announced in a later post!

I hope that's clear! Now, this is the doll you are naming. She's a girl!:

Have fun!! :)


  1. mmmm..



    -Lil Bee


    GFC name: london's beauty

  2. She looks like a Biffy to me...I guess it's because her hair is like my hamster's hair, and that's my hamster's name xP

  3. I like the sound of Elloree. For some reason she looks like an Elloree. XD

  4. I think she looks like "Misha". Don't know why, but i think this name sounds cute and fits to her :D

  5. I'd name her Urara or Pucchi! :D That's what I'd say!

  6. Her name is Meiju, isn't it?
    "J" pronounced like... like japanese do. As in the word "juice."

    So. Meiju. :)

  7. Pudding! Sounds cute :3



  8. Maybe The Like the Name Zelda, yes for a Girl! It would fit her! :D Name: Pamela

  9. Congratulations on 300 followers! :D

    She's so cute. :O She looks like she'd have a bit of an attitude, heehee~.

    What about the names Yoona or Jea? :3

  10. Faye or Lilian

  11. She looks rather impish and whimsical, and a tad maybe Pixie or Lilibet might suit her? ^^

  12. natalie or apple.......gfc: navjeet email: gyarukaur (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Hmm, let me think! Her little darling face is so cute! I can't decide! So I will pick...



    ♥Lulu!(Short for Luna!)♥

  14. Awww she's so sweet! What model BJD is she??
    She looks like a Lucinda to me...or maybe a Tomi! She has a bit of a tomboyish look about her (:

  15. I'd say Mariella or Heather c:

    uh I don't use this so I suppose you'd have to contact me through tumblr if I just so happen to win, I'm over at dirty-little-elites <3

  16. I would go with Laila or maybe Daphne!

  17. I like the name Remy or Laina. :)

  18. Hello, sorry for my bad English. Which reminds me to ask if brazilian followers may also have the chance to receive the prize?
    Well, thank you for the opportunity to congratulate the cuteness that is your blog.

    Louise is the perfect name.