Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Things I got for Christmas ^^

Just a quick post on my Christmas haul :p

This was a gift from Mark's parents. So kind ^^

Sorry for the quality of pics. It's very dark in my house and I don't really know how to use my camera in those conditions yet! Well, I say my camera, it's really our camera, as it was a half and half gift between me and Mark! It's a Canon T1i/500D :)

My mum gave Mark and I these two pictures! First one is the display food at a Chinese restaurant in Japan!

I dunno why this went all fisheye lol. It's Shibuya crossing, 1995!

My mum also gave me these cute pink leopard earmuffs!

My brother gave me these slippers. I'm pretty sure my mum picked them ^^;;

My sister gave me sooo many bath and beauty items! A huge box of Soap and Glory stuff, another big box of Sanctuary stuff and few other things! All for my new bathroom with nice new bath. It's being installed this week. The installers are really nice, so I don't mind them being in my house all day ^^

This is a lovely spray body oil form the Soap and Glory box~

My granddad gave us Amazon vouchers, and also this painting from a local artist. It has a beautiful texture. I hung it above the stairs.

Marks' parents also gave me something I really wanted- a deep fat fryer! Now I can make salt and pepper prawns! My mum gave me the waffle maker, it makes them in the shape of doughnuts ^^

I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas ^^

Here are a few things I bought for myself recently!

Age 12 boys t-shirt from the supermarket. I just liked how boastful it is :)

And I got new design plates for my nails! Here's the one I used today. But as usual ruined them doing the cooking ^^;


  1. Those earmuffs are lovely! :D

    And that SW tee is just great, you're totally gonna rock it!
    By the way, how do you use those design plates for the nails? I don't think I've ever seen them, and they look gorgeous!

    I hope you're doing fine ;)

  2. Such great gifts! The shibuya picture is especially lovely and now I want those prawns too D: om nom lol

    The nail stamp seems to be working well for you! :D
    Those nails are.. lovely ;D hehe

  3. Wow really great gifts! The earmuffs are.... <3

    I think the coolest one seems to be the donut shape waffle maker! Sounds so cute XD

  4. I almost bought those slippers while I was out shopping!! Very cute <3

  5. Mmmm, prawns...

    But the Shibuya picture is awesome! I adore just about everything else you got. xD

  6. the waffle maker sounds yummy! lovely gifts.
    I adore your nails!

  7. youre nails are so pretteh <3!