Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Responsible Circle Lens wear and you

I love circle lenses, but I also accept that they can potentially be harmful and dangerous. The point of this blog is to encourage you to use your lenses safely! Because aside from the pain, eye infections can permanently wreck your lashes.

It's my day job to look after people's eyes, so seemed only right to share a little here :)

 Disclaimer: This is a blog post, it's not a medical text. Any doubts, please please visit a qualified Optomotrist or Doctor.

 1: Visit an Optician. Bear with me here. You'd be forgiven for thinking you visit the Opticians because of your eyesight, so you don't need to go if your vision is 'perfect'. However, it is very important to get your eyes checked regularly to make sure there are no underlying health problems which would make lens wear unsafe.

 2: Source your lenses carefully, it may mean paying more. Blogspots and FB pages selling lenses might be temptingly cheap and easy to buy from, but it's not worth cheap and easy to risk damage from substandard products. I buy lenses from Rakuten drug stores. It means I pay a lot in EMS and customs charges (reputable companies don't mark parcels down so often) but it gives me peace of mind.

3: No tap water. Tap water contains amoebas which can survive the antibacterial action of contact lens solutions and so tap water on your lenses can mean amoebas breeding in your eye, which is obviously bad. No tap water on your lenses or case and don't do your lenses leaning over the sink where they could drop in. Do your lenses over a nice clean surface.

 4: No swimming. Soft lenses are designed to hold onto lots of moisture, so they act like a sponge in that nasty water.

5: Nothing lasts forever. Throw away your lenses when you're supposed to, or sooner if you have concerns. If you only wear your lenses occasionally it'll probably work out cheaper and more hygienic to wear daily disposable lenses.

6: Lenses first, always. Make up under your lenses is just icky.

7: Obviously, if they start to hurt... Take them out. I've heard too many stories of people saying they thought their lenses were uncomfortable and they kept wearing them, leading to scratched corneas and worse. They are not supposed to feel scratchy and sore, if they do, there is something wrong.

That doesn't cover everything, but I really hope if you're unsure about anything, you'll go to an Optician. I don't like to blog without a photo, so here's the effect of EverColor 1Day lenses on me. Since I have naturally very light eyes, wearing lenses can be difficult for me, so I was impressed with the coverage.

The lower lashes in the pic are Eyemazing. I'm not sure about the look, I think I prefer lower lashes which only accent the outer corner for my eyes.
For comparison, here are Caramel Ribbon which are also one day. These are definitely designed for dark eyes, but I still enjoy them a lot :p

Thanks for reading my preaching :p


  1. hi do you have a website for the evercolor and caramel ribbon 1 day lens? i am looking for lens i can buy from uk optition :3 thanks :)

  2. Brown lenses suit you, your eyes look so cute ^o^

  3. Wah, the circle lens blends naturally with your eye color. very pretty!

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