Saturday, 21 January 2012

A small update

I haven't posted here in a long time! I got a new job as an Apprentice Optical Consultant (basically, I work in an Opticians) and so don't have so much free time.

So here's an update XD

Working in an Opticians I found out I need glasses! So with my staff discount I got these Miumiu ones :)

I'm really not sure about them, I think they are very 'normal' for me. Good for work I suppose ^^;

Recently I decided to try something I saw on Gmarket. It's a cup noodle with only 120calories. I tried 'udong' flavour. It is really good, but the dashi flavour/smell is way too strong for me to eat it at work! Very filling though.

Underneath are instant coffees from Gmarket too. These are so nice, really creamy flavour :)

I also tried a Korean beauty brand I haven't tried before- Holika Holika. So far, I am impressed. The BB Cream is for oily trouble skin and I'm very happy with it so far!

I also got my Shinydoll Yuli back from the artist Ming Yi. Didn't she paint her beautifully ^^

My wedding is coming up soon, so I'm trying to find everything I need for my outfit! White is so hard! My dress is pure shining white so my shoes and shawl need to match that. It's very difficult!


  1. very cute hairstyle!!
    i want to do it tooo but i dont know how :D haha
    you look very cute (^^)

  2. Well back Georgie~!
    Aww you look cute with specs on hehee
    Your Yuli is so pretty :o !
    Best of luck with the wedding! I'm sure you'll look beautiful on the day ^_^

  3. Oh my gosh! CONGRATULATIONS! ( A bit late? :C )
    Hy hair is too short to do a bun XD
    It looks great on you :)

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