Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Odaiba and Kappabashi

We love Odaiba. It's tacky and outdated, yet so charming at the same time. If I could live in Tokyo I would live on Odaiba for sure <3

We started at Venus Fort, after deciding we didn't really need to go on the big wheel. I love Venus Fort, it's incredibly tacky and fake. The upper levels are supposed to look like a medieval Italian city and it even has a fake sky. Good for rainy days although we haven't had any all holiday!

Do I look excited XD

The bottom level is Venus Family, which has a Hello Kitty mini park, lots of kids clothes shops, and a big Nitori. We wanted this sofa and Kotatsu arrangement. Maybe when we can afford a shipping container :p

Now the best thing about Venus Family is that it welcomes dogs! There's even a cafe which you are invited to bring your dogs into!

And there is a big pet shop as well. Unlike an unpleasant one I saw in Shinjuku, this one has large enclosure where the puppies are kept in groups. I don't think puppies should be kept in petshops at all really, but at least these dogs seemed happy and not stressed.

French Bulldog and Miniature Pinscher. I loved the Minpin, she was totally mad :)

Chihuahua crossed with something.

Dachschund and Chihuahua X Yorkie

Next we went upstairs to the main shopping area. I love the cheesiness of this fountain, it makes me very happy :)

There was a perfume stall selling a lemon and grapefruit perfumes, it made the whole place smell lovely!

The stores here are mostly import and designer so not much interest to us, but there was a Francfranc outlet! The ultimate Zakka store with reduced prices! Although we bought nothing :p

Happy <3

Here is the view from the back entrance of Venus Fort. Don't you love how try-hard futuristic the buildings on Odaiba are? I do :p

That walkway took us to Decks, a simple cheap shopping centre. It has a relaxed atmosphere and a little grubbiness. It used to have a big Honeys but it's been replaced by some kind of Bistro. It has a Takoyaki 'museum' but we only tried one. It was super tasty!

Decks also houses the Tokyo Trick Art Museum. It's pretty fun to go as a couple, but maybe better with more people! Just a warning- this museum would be totally pointless to go to on your own!

We took a lot of silly photos, I'll just share a couple!

This room freaked me out when I first stepped in it XD

It was dark when we left, and the view towards Tokyo was beautiful :)

The next day we went to Kappabashi to look at plastic food! There was plenty, it was very cool! Everything from parfait to burgers to shabu shabu! Made me hungry~

Amongst the kitchen supply shops was an artificial flower shop. Perfect for me as I'm making my own wedding bouquet! I found something which may work well :)

That's all today~


  1. Aaaawwww the dogs are so cute!! But it's really sad how they keep them in small cages :(

  2. How's the weather there now? It doesn't look like it's cold

  3. Merry Christmas :)