Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dolly weekend in Tokyo~

So this weekend was a dolly weekend- going to the Shinydoll studio on Saturday and a Den of Angels meet on Sunday :)

I posted on Nemuidoll about visiting Shinydoll, so please read about it here! http://nemuidoll.blogspot.com/2011/11/visit-to-shinydoll-studio.html

Doi Shin of Shinydoll treated up to some super delicious Yakiniku too :)

On our way to catch the train though, we came across this fair raising money for the Tohoku earthquake affected area. We were set upon by these adorable kids who were gathering good wishes to people who lost their home. they spoke really good English which helped us a lot!

We did a hand print and a message.

We were so charmed by these kids!

And since it was a fair... We got some fried chicken. I look so angry with the chicken here, it amuses me.

And on Sunday.... Doll meet! We were really late but luckily everyone was still at the meeting point ;_;

We started off at Milky Way for lunch... Although our lunch was a caramel parfait :p

Then we went to Closet Child and Volks to be tempted by the pretties... I was indeed tempted! There was an Angelic Pretty doughnut bag I really wanted...Gah.

Then we went to Purikura, but the problem is that there were UFO Catchers everywhere. And we are all susceptible to cuteness. A cute English teacher in our group won the big version of this jellyfish!

Mark won me a Korilakkuma, but after putting a lot of money in!

We only managed to get half our group into each purikura machine. I made us go for level 3 eye enlargement...Turned out pretty funny :p

Next was Lock Up Ikebukuro! It's  restaurant with a loose space prison theme. It's main theme is cheesy scary! The food is mostly themed to be creepy, with blood as ketchup and stuff. It's quite fun!

These are edible pill cases with a shot inside. I don't know what they put inside but it burns! Fun though :p

Our end of the table ordered lots of fried stuff and stuff with cheese. And then ate the other end of the table's leftovers!

A lot of people needed to get back early since it was sunday night but Sei, Miku Mark and me went to stroll round Kabukicho, just cos it's fun to! We had a drink in the Hub English Pub. The beer finally got me XD

It was a fun but totally exhausting weekend!!


  1. Haha japense sweets deco in shop windows is the best. Everything looks so delicious ♥

  2. Wow such cute food! You are adorable!