Friday, 28 October 2011

Toy shopping in Tokyo

So, yesterday we went to Shimbashi to go to the big toy shop, Hakuhinkan. It's huge with a big Scalextric track on the top floor! Very fun but busy!

Next we went to Hamarikyu gardens since they were nearby. These are beautiful Japanese gardens with a large seawater pond in the middle, and a 300 year old pine :)

We had green tea and sweets in the teahouse over the pond. Very relaxing.

Putting our shoes back on ^^;

 View of the teahouse~

A recreated shrine~

Lovely photo by Mark, don't you think? ^^

We walked back to Tsukijishijo station just to check out the fish market when it was empty. Very weird atmosphere with everything closed. This took us to Yoyogi station, and since I didn't eat much of lunch we went into yet another Doutor Cafe.

Marron Lattes, inside out cheese and ham toastie for me and mustard dog for him. Yum! Sometimes I wish I was thinner, but then I realise I'm just not able to give up cheese and ham toasties and creamy lattes :p

It's a short walk to Shinjuku, so we wandered around Lumine for a bit window shopping designer loveliness. We bought ourselves some yummy macarons, just to be extravagant!

Pistachio, Purin (Creme Caramel), charcoal with white chocolate and chocolate caramel

We didn't realise this one was charcoal flavour. It was amazingly tasty either way :)

We stopped for cheap quick udon and tempura :p

Today was a lazy day. We got up late and I didn't even bother with full make up. Strolled to Harajuku for crepe.

Crepe shops are busy!

Had a look in Nile Perch too!


Kiddyland moved and it's much easier to move around in now. I bought a few things...

Rilakkuma choco cafe Rement table chairs and sweets, and 3DS case. Got the special bag for buying Rilakkuma things, and the Snoopy biscuits as a gift :)

On the way back I noticed on the floor plan of MaruiJam '100Yen Goods'. So we had to check it out, and sure enough there's a 100 Yen shop in a nice depaato. Such a nice surprise!!

All this was 1,000Yen... Less than £10! I think we'll be back for stocking fillers :p

Tomorrow we are meeting up with Shin-san, the sculptor and representative of Shinydoll. Really looking forward to that ^^


  1. That tea house looks amazing!!

    I really wish I could go to Japan. Looks so beautiful, varied and the food looks sooooo good!

  2. Whoa... charcoal...

    Your photos are beautiful, they make me miss Japan!

  3. I love your blog! <3 But reading your entrys now makes me miss Japan toooooooo! :P
    I hope you're having the greatest time!!

  4. Everything looks awesome! I can't wait to visit Kiddy Land after it's renovation, last time I was there I was always scared of knocking things over >< You look so cute already you don't need full makeup! Eep I just want to go back to Tokyo now!