Monday, 24 October 2011

Hi from Tokyo!

I arrived in Tokyo yesterday! It was a bit of a tiring journey, but I'm happy to be here~

I'm here for two weeks, so expect a blog post every few days. Mark needs lots of afternoon naps, so gives me time to write these :p

I finally  invested in some Diamand Lash falsies, and I'm so happy with them! Even though my eyes are so tiny I need to cut off about half of each one :p

This is my 5th time in Tokyo, and first time flying to Haneda. British Airways just started this route so we got tickets a bit cheaper. Mark found a lovely French cafe hidden away in Terminal 5. Airport cafes are usually so rubbish, it was a really nice surprise to get smooth coffee and tasty breakfast. We watched the sunrise over the runway :)

It's so nice to fly direct, however the flight landed at 5am Sunday morning, and we couldn't check in until 1pm... We actually stood outside Excelsior Caffe waiting for them to unlock the doors at 8! But we got a delicious Maple Latte and I had a cheese and ham toastie with the cheese on the outside. Excelsior is one of our absolute favourite things in Japan. We'll probably have breakfast there a lot and spend all our money!

We killed a lot of time in Tokyu Hands, looking at all the furniture we want but couldn't get back to England. Of course, I bought a lot of cosmetics.... Chcolate bath powder, coffee bath powder, Pure Smile carrot face mask, Canmake nail varnish, peach perfume and mascara. And of course, Diamond Lash~

I was a little disappointed with the mascara, not very 'black'.

We had lunch at Tenya, a Tendon (tempura on rice) restaurant,so Mark was happy! Finally we got our room key, washed and I slept like 9 hours XD

Today we decided to shop at Harajuku. Our hotel is right next to Yoyogi park so we walked through to Harajuku. It was kinda scary. There are massive ravens everywhere and they are so loud and surround you... I felt like it was somewhere that used to be very peaceful, but now it's just kinda a resting spot to a lot of homeless people... Regardless, it was still an interesting place to walk through.

We went to Pink Latte but I couldn't find anything I wanted... However I bought a few things in Daiso, Sby and ACDC on Takeshitadori and Swimmer in Laforet. Laforet is so nice, full of gorgeous alternative fashions... I wanted to buy so much but I have a wedding dress to get!

Oh yeah, and I brought my dolly out when it early and very quiet for a quick snap. She's a Lati Yellow Lea :)

We had lunch at Sukiya (£3 a head for a big lunch!) and headed back to Shibuya. Had a look round 109 but didn't buy anything. I wanted so many cute things in Ruvap, including a pink bambi coat, but it was all pretty expensive. I'll think about it and see how far my money goes :p

Tomorrow we are going to Akihabara and maybe look for my wedding dress in the afternoon ^^


  1. Oh how fun! I love Tokyu Hands, I'd always frequent it in Nagoya when I'd be shopping in Sakae :3 Are you just staying in Tokyo or visiting other places? Have fun!

  2. Omg all your GETS are so cute!!!! If you have enough money left at the end of the trip...get the pink bambi coat! Then we can be twin bambi's~~!! ^w^

  3. Those falsies are really pretty! And that's really exciting that you've been to Japan so many times. :D It sounds like you've had so much fun there already~. :D I'm excited to read the blog posts you make while you're there.

  4. Omgh.. Have fun! :) Wow, Your Pics are wonderful! <3 everything Your Got looks So pretty!

  5. Looking forward to hearing about your time there! :D
    Cute buys already! :O

  6. Your eyes aren't tiny at all. They're incredibly big.