Wednesday, 26 October 2011

More eating and shopping in Tokyo (including wedding stuff!)

Lots and lots of photos in this post, just to warn you :)

So on Monday we went to Mos Burger, of course :)

My soy sauce and black pepper cheese burger. I waited all year to have one of these again XD

Tuesday morning we went to Akihabara. Thought this was a lovely view of the river :)

Coffee break in Doutor! Delicious Marron Latte~

Mark had iced Royal tea~

We had lunch at the UDX building. It's a massive building which seems to be offices for Anime companies? Anyway I read a review for this Okonomiyaki place which said it had an English menu, but it didn't. Luckily we successfully ordered a seafood one! Octopus, squid, prawn and crab. And even better, they flipped it and added the mayonnaise for us! It was soooooo tasty ;_;

After that we went to the Azone shop. Took this photo before we saw the 'no photos without permission' sign. Oops! So many cute Pure Neemo dolls, but too expensive. Nice to look though :)

We visited the Volks shop but the prices were even scarier. They had lots of Monster Hunter merchandise for the upcoming 3DS release! Might go back for some.

This Monster Hunter drink was in Family Mart, how cute!

Today we went to Shinjuku to look for a wedding suit for Mark!

We had breakfast at Southern Terrace Krispy Kreme. I love the southern Terrace, it has such a peaceful feeling.

We were too early for Marui Mens, so I went to Honeys. Honeys is such a great shop- cheap cute and flattering! I got two tees and two pairs of loose shorts.

I got some socks in Muji. I wish the Muji stores in London were this big!

We headed to Marui Mens, as we wanted to look for a suit in Buffalo Bobs without the noise of 109-2. Thanks Niijii for the shop recommendation, we found the perfect suit! It looked so fantastic on Mark <3

Next we stopped in Donki. I wanted the Monster Hunter kigurumi but it's 4000Yen! Kinda a lot for something I won't wear much. 

Something weird happened in Donki. There were three Korean tourists who stopped me and asked for a photo. I said of course and tried to pick up their camera, but they wanted to take photos with me! So I posed with each of them for photos. I have no idea what it was. I joked with Mark that maybe they thought I was ベッキーXD

We had lunch at the Comme Ca cafe. The pasta there is so amazing, seriously seriously good!

We passed by Meiji Jingu on the way back. We'll go back with the good camera :p


I bought my wedding dress! I'm not sharing any photos yet, but it's very cute! Short and poofy :)

I went to Dress Black, and the ladies there are so lovely. This sweaty Gaijin comes in with no Japanese but they still treated me so well. The woman who helped me had so so little English, but she managed to understand exactly what I wanted and dressed me in it. And the dress was so perfect. And I think a bargain too as it wasn't one of their wedding dresses, but a party dress in white :)

This is all I'm showing- Mark's shiny suit and my shiny dress. A good match I think!

My dress and his suit. I'm stupidly excited <3

That's all for today, it's time to go eat again :p


  1. AWWWW sounds like so much fun :D x I really wanna see both your outfits now! :) x

  2. nice pictures!!
    I really miss japan :(
    how long will you stay there? :)

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy your stay in Japan! I wish I was there >.<

  4. Awww, you look like you're having a crazy amount of fun so far~~
    & I'm glad you both found your outfits so quick, too! ^^

  5. Your so cruel teasing us! ;A; keke
    Hurry up show the dress!! ^^

  6. I love seeing all of these pictures! :D

  7. I can't wait to see your dress and Mark's suit. I bet they're both amazing, they look it just from the material haha

    Your picture of the Shinjuku Honeys made me a little sad, but happy. My friend from university works there and I miss her haha