Saturday, 24 January 2015

Useful Taobao search terms - for dolls and you

This post is under construction!

Decided to make just one post for Taobao search terms, rather than splitting dolls/ human stuff :)
Of course, you can just use Google Translate for simple things such as colours, so I'm focussing on terms that either Google Translate mistranslates or where the English and Chinese don't literally match up. Hope it helps!

General terms

轉 - Second hand
现货 - In stock

原创-  original/genuine

Fashion styles

萌 - Meng. Literally meaning 'budding' it's used as the Japanese word 'moe', ie 'cute in a Japanese way' which on Taobao seems to equate to 'teddy bear ears'.
森女 - Forest girl. Japanese Mori style.
文艺复古 - Cultured vintage girl. Artistic vintage styles. Some crossover with Mori girl.
甜美女装  - Sweet girl. Super cutesy!

学院风 - College Scene. Google translates 风 automatically as 'wind' but in the case of fashion it generally means something like 'style' or 'scene'.
淑女 - Classy girl. Close to Princess style, more everyday.
苛苛 - ulzzang look
软妹甜 - soft and sweet, kawaii style.


糖果色 - Candy coloured. 冰淇淋色 - Ice cream coloured. 马卡龙色 -Macaron coloured. These are the terms to use if you want to find pastels!

Doll terms
小布 - Neo Blythe

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