Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The $20 'ball jointed doll' Ye Luo Li

Ok, so she's not really a BJD, but cute anyway?

Her proportions are similar to a chunky YoSD doll, with a 6-7 head.

So her journey from China must have been a little rough, she had pulled herself free of her constraints!

Bit dubious about the CE mark, but ok.

Her face is funny but quite cute I think. Her nose was quite dirty. She comes with eye decals buuuut I ruined mine. She also comes with a bad wig that's too big, so I threw it away.

Her extra hands.

 So here's something odd. I tried changing her hand and it just wouldn't go on, and noticed the hand I'd taken off has a trimmed stem, but they hadn't bothered trimming the spares. It cuts easily with scissors anyway.

Overall her body isn't bad, but her shins and ankles are... Mad.

She has a cute wing design on her back. Her parts are different plastics and as you can see vary in colour. For some reason she has a soft waist but hard chest.

Wearing YoSD sized wig, dress and shoes.

Her posing is pretty fun, she got plenty of joints to play with.

Overall verdict? She's definitely a 'toy' rather than an adult collectors item. and I kinda like that. Her quality is fairly low, she has some open seams, varying colours and staining, all of which would put off an adult collector.

But for a child, she's a fun size, nice and light, and unlikely to break.

If you'd like to check out Ye Luo Li dolls, you can find them by searching 夜萝莉 on Taobao. And as always, if you need a Taobao agent you can see my Affiliate link for Yoybuy on the right side of this page.


  1. Huh, she has a very cute face and lots of joints! Strange mix of hard and soft plastic it seems though. Thanks for linking this review on DolliehSanctuary!

  2. does she fit BJD 1/6 clothes, shoes and wig?