Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Opening Middie Blythe

Here's a little pic sequence of how I open Middie Blythe. She's very different from Neo, but don't let that frighten you!

First, she has just two screws holding the front of her head tot he back which need to be removed. Middie has a lot of screws, so I sometimes like to use masking tape to stick them to the bit they came from.

After removing the screws, I apply pressure to the side of the backplate using the heel of my hand. The clips are directly behind her ears, so this is where the pressure needs to be. Newer Middies won't need much, older ones you practically have to stand on them :p

I keep spare pieces of uncoloured plastic for wedging between the two plates. This doesn't cause any dents or scratched on her. It takes a lot of wiggling and prising to get the pieces apart.

Next is when I cut off the scalp, because I find it easier to cut it smoothly when the pieces are unclipped. No photo of this I'm afraid.

Once the two plates are apart you need only unscrew the two screws at the top of the eye mech and it will pull out.

To take the eye mech apart, only unscrew the screws on the far right and left on the underside of the mech. It will then pull apart.

Removing the eye chips is also a bit of a pain. The chips are fitted from the inside of the eyeball, not the front like Neo. The glue isn't water soluble, so you have to painstakingly use a knife to scrape the glue on the inside, then push the eyechip in from the front.

Once apart, the chip will pop off the inside eyeball piece with just a prod of the end of a paintbrush through the little hole.

She's then ready to be customised!

Here's Nellie with carving, new make up, new chips, new lashes, and borrowing Francoise's scalp :)

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  1. Long time no see Georgie! I'm so glad to see you pop up on my reading list again :D
    Nellie is such a cutie! Your post has reminded me that I need to get back into the BJD hobby! I've been living at uni so I haven't properly played with mine for years :')