Sunday, 18 May 2014

Forest Girl Fans review (Mori style Taobao shop)

Forest Girl Fans is a Taobao shop dedicated to Mori Girl fashion. I shop there a lot, so here's a review!

Firstly, I find the shop delivers really quickly, usually my orders reach my agent between just one or two days, and I've always received the item I ordered. They are a power seller, and always seem to be well reviewed.

Now, all their lovely clothes are modelled by a lovely petite Chinese girl, and I am not such a thing. I'm a size UK12 Westerner with some chunky proportions. But still, I'm able to wear most of these clothes since they are loose fitting! The pants are a no, but tops, dresses and skirts fit ok.

Here are just a few of my items from them.

Simple layering skirt. The waist size would be better on a smaller person, but the fit isn't bad.

Pattern dress. I really love this, it's flattering and comfy

Lace cardigan. A sweet relaxed fit

 This one doesn't work on me. The sleeves are supposed to be loose and hang down, but they catch on my big elbows and look awkward.

Layered blouse.

I love some polka dots

Just a couple of me wearing the clothes, because it's crazy hot out and I'm sick.

Only the petticoat is Forest Girl Fans in this pic, I cheated :p

Update: More buys! Shop pics only I'm afraid.

Wool skirt The fabric is nice, but it's too small to get over my hips (I am semi-fat, my hip measurement is approx 100cm) so Ibelieve this would only fit up to a UK 6 or 8 (US 2 or 4)

Loose cord dress: Very nice but a little long for me so I'm going to shorten it just a little.

Lace collar blouse: Useful for layering! I bought an M which was plenty big enough, estimate it's around a UK 12 to 14 (US 8 to 10)

As always, if you want to shop on Taobao you can use my Yoybuy affiliate link in the right sidebar :)

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  1. Great post! Any idea where Mori shop is? :( They seem to have closed down.