Friday, 16 May 2014

Taobao finds for dolls - with pictures! Part 1

Here are some various things I've found for dolls on Taobao, with pictures and links!

I'm hoping to make this a series, so let me know if you like it ^^

For information on my 'models' click the pics!

I'll put prices in Yuan and it's roughly 10yuan = £1 or 6Yuan = $1 or 9Yuan= 1 Euro right now.

Can't complain about the price, and it's super cute! Edges are unhemmed

Helleborus kigurumi for 1/4 BJD 98 Yuan

Qis Blythe dress 58 Yuan

These Qi 's Blythe dresses both fit Makies really nicely!

1/8th Kigurumi  80Yuan

For 1/8th but, look how cutely it fits Middie!

Clear Lan for Lati, Blythe, Momoko whole shop

I'm not going to list individual pieces because I have soooo much stuff from here. Just, check it out :)

That's all for part 1! Remember to comment if you want more of this :)

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  1. So much cute findings! I just made my first Taobao order, I have crossed fingers... anyway, I'd really like to see more!